Send Recorded Video Via Email On Your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

Apple devices offer countless features of which we are familiar to some where the rest are still to be explored. Today we will tell you how to send Video mails from your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch device. We are all much familiar with the stock Camera app which offers both photo and video support but many of you might have not tried the Video mail feature.

To start with first open the Camera app. For people who are still new to iPhone, if you have an iPhone 4 or any other device with front camera you can switch between the rear and front cameras by a small toggle switch provided a the top of the screen. At the bottom, in the middle,  we have the record button or capture button and on the right we have another toggle to switch between photo or video mode.


Now open the app, and using the toggle at the bottom switch to video mode. If you want to use the front camera, you can. Now hit the record button which is the middle button and shoot a small clip. Please make sure that the clip duration should not exceed 45 seconds as it might become too heavy to be handled by the email service. Once you have captured hit the middle button again to stop the recording.

Using the small square shaped button at the left bottom corner, access the camera roll now, where the video has been saved.


Here again hit the left most button at the bottom, which is a small box with an arrow coming out, and a couple of options will appear. These are Email Video, MMS and Send To Youtube.


As you wish to email the video, press the top most option Email Video and the phone will prepare the video and attach it to a new email.


Finally you have reached the last place where you simply need to enter the Email address and the subject and all so that your email is complete. When completed, hit the Send button and after a small while you will hear a woosh sort of notification sound.


The stock feature is amazing to use and could be of great use at times and again. Hope you try it soon.

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