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Song or Music As Ringtone in Android Phone

The degree of personalisation, sometimes is dilutely measured with the extent to which you can customise themes on your device, or set different backgrounds or sometimes set ringtones of your favourite bands/singers. On Android phones you might struggle to do so. Especially on the older versions like Android 2.3 and below. However there are bunch of apps who overcome this personalisation barrier pretty easily.

An open source ringtone editor called “Ringdroid” can come handy here. With this app you can create your own ringtone from any sound file which can be later used in alarm or any type of notifications.

Once downloaded, open the app and it will list the entire music files from your SD card. Now you need to edit the file which you want to set as your ringtone in your android phone. Don’t get intrigued by the waveforms you see there. Tap anywhere on the waveform to start playing at that position. And then choose a time as an end point.

Ringdroid For android

It will save exactly the same length of music for you to use as ringtone. Tap the “Save” button and you will be asked either to make that saved (edited)ringtone as default (that will be played when any call is received at your phone) or assign it to specific contact.

Ringdroid For android

Sometimes later when you want to view those earlier edited (saved) ringtones will appear in the same list where your entire music collection appeared when you opened the “Ringdroid”. But with the artist name as “Ringdroid”.¬†Ringdroid can be used to edit MP3, WAV, AAC, and AMR audio files. Its is suggested that “Ringdroid” should be used on phones which have Android 3.0 and above.

Bonus Tip For Samsung Galaxy Phones:

If you are a Samsung Galaxy owner you need not to have any app installed in order to change the ringtone. Simply go to settings then choose sound and then Ringtone. In device ringtone option you will see a list of default ringtones. Where in you can also ADD new MP3 files in that list.

Choose Ringtone in Samsung Galaxy Phones

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