Set Different Ringtone For FaceTime

FaceTime is no doubt a great way to stay in touch remotely through apple devices like iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, but recently one of our reader asked that he hears the same tone or sound for both cellular calls and facetime video calls, he want to hear a different sound so that he can make the difference when he is away, whether a call is facetime or cellular with the help of sound.

Change FaceTime Ringtone

There is a simple way you can change the ringtone for incoming facetime call, in order to change it you will need to go to Settings >> Notifications and then tap on FaceTime and under facetime notifications settings you will see the option to change the ringtone for facetime and select a new different ringtone.

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Now tap on Ringtone and then you will see a list of all ringtones you can set.

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This way you can change the default ringtone of Facetime which is by default Marimba which is also the default ringtone for voice calls as well. You will be able to preview the sound with a small playback before you can set it as ringtone for facetime, this way you can avoid the confusion whether you are getting a facetime call or a voice call.

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You’re right. face time is not listed in settings for iPhone 5 using iOS 6 so I cannot change the ring tone. It can be done this way with the iPad 2

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