Set Google Calendar Events, Meetings and Reminders On Android Phone Lock Screen

Android may be getting probably all the attention at this point in time because of the cool features it offers but it still lacks some important ones. Google Calendar is used by countless people across the nation but still to see one of the saved events, every time we open the app, go to the date and then see the event. One of the expected features in concern with the Calendar should have been the display of the upcoming events on the lock screen itself.

There was no app which would solve the purpose until what we found and is called as LockScreen Calendar. Available on Android Market, this app puts upcoming events from your Google Calendar on your lock screen so that you g=keep getting reminded of the events to come. Developed by XDA, the app is really simple to set-up and use. The interface has nothing but a left and right arrow at the bottom to navigate through pages which need to be filled in with the details so as to function as per your need. The main screen greets you and informs you about the developers and other apps from the same. You must hit the small arrow in a circle button at the bottom to proceed.


On the next page, you need to select a Gmail account from where the app will sync the events.


Next page is to configure the layout and design. Here it asks you to enter the number of events to be shown on the lock screen along with the date format. Please note that as per the developers more than 3 events at the same time are not recommended as they might not support the lock screen and will end up creating some trouble for you. If you put more than 3 events, your lock screen might stop responding eventually not letting your device unlock.


On the last configuration page you need to enter the time after which the app will update the events automatically and also you can use the look ahead feature, which is the time in the calendar up till which the app will sync the apps.


You can also change the look ahead time from days, weeks, months or years along with the number in the small space ahead.


Remember, once you made the changes up till the above last page, hit the UPDATE button so that the app will sync your events and put them on the lock screen. If you do not hit Update, the app will do nothing. So once you have updated the app, your lock screen will look like what you see below.

LockScreen Calendar

App Requirements: Compatible with Android devices. Requires android 2.2 and up.

Conclusion: It solves the purpose but importantly upto a certain limit. It only allows at most 3 events which is a disappointment.

Our Rating: 3.5 | Price: Free | Visit Android Market Link To Install This App

[ This app comes for iPhone – No, For Similar App For Jailbroken Iphones Search Lock Calendar On Cydia

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