Set Photos To Appear With Text As Reminders For To Dos & Tasks On iPhone

We have been introduced to a number of reminder apps but sometimes it is still hard to remember what we thought of, a while back. Pictures are certainly more expressive than text and working around the same fact one of the developer has come up with an alternative to the typical reminder app and this new app incorporates the usefulness of pictures.

PhotoMind is an app using pictures to remind you of a pending task or important job which needs to be done. With it you click or add existing photos and then add notes to it.


The interface is as simple as it could be with a + button on the right top corner to add a reminder and an edit button on the left to delete reminders.


So how to create a reminder? Hit the + button and choose from the three different options which are Take Photo, Choose from Library and Default Image. By selecting take photo you will click a fresh picture and then add your reminder text, Choose From Library enables you to add a photo existing in your camera roll and the Default Image option adds a default image to your note.


So select or take a picture, then you will be directed to the next page which has specific sections for the added photo, reminder date and note.


Tapping on the reminder date option takes you to the screen for making any changes to the reminder date and time.


Tap on the note section at the bottom and you can add a text to be displayed at the time the reminder goes on.


The picture below will tells you the way in which it reminds you of your task. A small pop up window is displayed in the middle of the screen and when you tap on it, takes you to the actual reminder in the app so that you see the picture you added.


While creating a reminder you can also use two more options, one for Emailing the reminder along with the photo and the other to save the clicked photo in the reminder, to  your camera roll.


You can use the email option and mail the reminder to yourself or anybody else.


Default reminder settings like Automatically set the date & time and default remind time can be accessed by heading to your iPhone settings where the app will be listed as PhotoMind.


App Requirements: Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.1 or later

Conclusion: The reminder app is good as it incorporates the convenience of being reminded of something simply by looking at a picture which no other app does.

Our Rating: 3.5| Price: $1.99 | Visit Apple Store Link To Install PhotoMind

[ This App Comes For Android – No ]

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