Turn Off Shake To Send Feedback on Google Maps iOS App on iPhone, iPad

With the upgrade is the iOS version there is a small feature which has been introduced in the Apple Maps and that is ‘Report a Problem’, this feature can really help Apple maps a lot to improve their map database and make corrections in it. Apple has not done good with the roads of United State and the story is worse in the other countries so the users can really help to improve the Apple Maps but with the new Google Maps users have stopped using default Apple Maps application and in the scope to improve more further with their map data, Google Maps has also provided the same feature in their application in little annoying feature.

By default when you will shake your iPhone then it will vibrate and ask for the feedback which is really very annoying, the reason being when you will put your iPhone with the Google Maps application launched in your pocket then it will keep on vibrating after a while and it feels that we might have received some message or mail but then it was only shake to send feedback gesture.


The feature is anyways really good as it allows you to mark any missing road or any wrong direction provided by the app. It can be any problem related to Street or road or your address name. Even if the problem is beyond it then you can select others and leave the suggestion there. To send the feedback you can shake your iPhone but if you want to switch OFF this gesture then tap your profile icon on the app home screen and the tap the gear icon to go to settings.


There you will see the option for the gesture of shake to send feedback, tap it to turn it off and next time whenever you feel like rating the application or sending the feedback regarding anything then just select the option mentioned above that gesture option named ‘Send Feedback’, and you will be able to see the same options as described above.


In the feedback section you will find many categories to report your issue. For example under the problem related to road or street you will have categories whether the road is closed or that road has the wrong name or the road is private (not accessible to the common public) or actually a road is missing from the map and if you do not have your query categorized under these sections then you can choose the Other section.


Once the section is selected you can fill in the details and then choose the option to be notified when it gets resolved.

Bonus Tip:

In case of Apple Maps, You do have the same option but the UI of Google Maps is much better as compared to Apple Maps. You will have to flip the page of the Apple Maps to see the option of Reporting an Problem, you can tap and then select the appropriate sub-options as mentioned for the Google Maps, only the interface will vary rest is same.


Once you complete your query and click on the send button, it shows you a message that your location based information is being sent to Apple to investigate this issue.


Its very rare that you will get a chance to report any issue on Google Maps but yes!! this tip might help you In case of Apple Maps. Moreover please remember the settings section part as reaching out to the settings section on the Google Maps is little tedious and much can be controlled from there. I hope this helps you.

By Abhinav Singh

I am an MBA student and a founder member of NXTInsight. I love to keep the track of smartphones, tablets, wearables and other similar gadgets, so that I could help my readers to make the right decision before buying a gagdet.

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