Shifu : To do & Task Management app But With a Difference

The quest of being more and more productive never ends in our life. In order to achieve highest degree of productiveness we turn to things like setting reminders, taking notes, using to do and task management apps and what not. We stick to our tasks in to-do list as if we were its slaves. But still sometimes we fail in achieving goals which are obvious. I will try to put this up with an example.

Calling mom often doesn’t find its place in our to do lists. Majority would like to think that this is an obvious thing and will be done in free time. But since there is not any dedicated app which works only in free time, obviously it will be forgotten. Shifu, a To do and Task Management app overcomes this drawback and some more.


How Shifu is Different

Shifu has completely different approach of handling your tasks. It reminds of your to-do tasks contextually. It can remind you of buying a grocery only when you are near to the store. It will remind you to do something (like calling your mom) when you are free. It will determine your availability to perform a certain task only when the time is suitable for you and it decides that based on your smart phone mobile usage patterns.


Shifu is capable of handling varied contextual tasks. Ranging from calling someone on some date only if you have 10 minutes free to phone call based alerts which shows reminders when you call someone.

I was amazed when it automatically reminded me of my grocery list items to buy when i was near it.


The only drawback which the Shifu carries is that there is no other option to use it other than logging with facebook. I believe the limitation will be removed in coming stable releases. Once you log in with facebook, it will also remind you to wish birthdays to your facebook friends with three fingers swapping form top to bottom.

The Shifu app is right now freely available at Play Store. Here is an interesting video to give you more better understanding of what Shifu is.

Shifu : Introduction from Signals on Vimeo.

By Kamal Nayan

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