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Shoot Slow Motion Videos at 60fps From any iPhone

One of the three features that iPhone 5S was overhauled with was its ability to record videos at extremely slow speed. The way it was advertised completely left us awestruck. As a user of iPhone 3GS, (yes i am still using that) i wondered if i could get a pinch of that feature in my more than three years old phone too.

Recently, i came across an app called SloPro which has the ability to record up to 60fps and the big surprising element is that it is compatible with iOS 6.0 and later. In this post i quickly walk through as how to record slow motion videos from any iPhone.

Getting Started

The app SloPro has two versions. Lite one comes free and has some fences around it, like a watermark in every video you produce. The other one comes at a price of $1.99 which is full featured. For the time being we shall move ahead with the lite version.

Shooting Slow Motion Video


The moment you open SloPro, you are ready to start shooting videos. All you need to do is click on that red icon. Once you complete the shooting by pressing the red button again, on the left hand lower corner appears the recently shot video. Tap that and you will be taken to the all videos shot by the app.

Editing Shot Video


Once you play a shot video, you get an option to edit that video in the same window. As editing options you can further reduce the speed or even increase the speed in percentage. The default is 40% but can be lowered up to 25% more or can be fastened up to 4x speed. You also have the feature to clip in and clip out to specific frames in the video shot. Once you are done editing, you can click the “tick” and get results instantly.


In terms of size, video shot at 60fps of 30 seconds was around 30 MB on my iPhone.

Upgrading to Pro


SloPro offers option of in-app purchase for upgrading to full version. In full version you no longer have to deal with the watermark “made with slopro for iPhone”. In addition, you can export your videos to camera roll and also email them directly.


The slow recording performed by SloPro app does a pretty decent job even on the iPhone 3Gs. I expect it should work flawlessly on your iPhone 4 and later too. Next time when a iPhone 5S user is going to flaunt his slow recording feature, i am going to use this app as an answer.

Download SloPro for iPhone (Free) | App Store

By Kamal Nayan

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