Significance Of Long Press In Android Phone Touch Screen

Every Smartphone operating system has something unique to offer. We shall be talking about Android OS today and the significance of the long press feature.

Unlike iOS featured in Apple devices where all the commands are there on the screen under different sections, the Android OS offers many interesting things which are needed to be explored. The Long Press feature is probably one of the areas which need to be exploited by the users as whenever you do so, a new list of


Many of the users use the physical menu button to look for additional options but actually its the long press feature which would give you the options you are looking for.

When you are on the home screen you can long press the screen to add widgets, shortcuts etc.

Android  4

While you are in the message app and scrolling down the threads and you can long press a message or particular thread to gain access to options like read, forward, copy, delete etc.


Similarly in the mail app you can long press a particular email to read, mark unread, delete it. Apart from this you can also remove the star from mails.

Android 2

When you are viewing contacts you can press on any one for a while and can see options like view contact, call contact, text contact etc. From here you can also add it to favorites, edit it and even delete it.

Android 34

This post was dedicated to making new Android users familiar with the functionality of the OS and this special feature. I hope this post is of some use for you readers and remember, whenever you are on a particular screen do try long pressing and I am sure you will explore new features.

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