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Signs that tell if Your Android Phone was Infected


With great power comes greater responsibility. With great openness comes greater vulnerabilities. The stark fact stands too true for the Android ecosystem. Unlike iOS, you can install any .apk files on your Android phone within seconds and get that app running. As android user you enjoy the absolute openness (hence larger number of apps) but have you ever thought this openness has subjected your android phone to several security flaws?

When there is good there is evil too. Malware apps are not new in the Android ecosystem but the dizzying speed at which they are spreading is certainly new. Some common behaviour of the malware apps include using your antenna without your permission, sending messages automatically, using your pocket data connection and what not.

So here are some signs that point to the fact that your phone was affected and its time to take some proper measures to ensure flawless experience.

Poor Battery Life

It is one of the most prominent signs of being your phone infected. If you noticed a sudden drop in the performance of your battery, its time to get a check on all your apps. The malware causing battery drainage might be hidden or in the form of adware.

Constant Call Drops

You might be in call and suddenly it drops and it happens often, you need to have a check whether it was the network’s fault or your phones. Some malware can eavesdrop on your conversation and might record and send it too.

Unknown Data Usages

Have a check on your device’s download and upload pattern. If there is a significant change in the pattern, it might be a sign that the malware is using your data connection to send/receive data from a third party.

Performance Lag

Does your smartphone restarts itself more than ever? Or is it taking longer than usual to access an app? Chances are the malware might be using the system resources and leaving lesser RAM for your apps to function. Perform a check on your RAM and CPU load usage and you could draw some conclusions.

Safety Measures

Tons of anti viruses (most of them are free) are present in the Google Play Store to try your hands on. Norton, BitDefender are some of them. It is always a better idea to take help of these specialised apps instead performing manual cleanup.

As a precautionary step, you should check the app credibility and read before you agree to the apps terms and conditions. The recent versions of Android also allows you take a look of the resources that will be used by the app before installing it.

A minute of attention during the app installation can save you from the trauma of fighting with the “infections”.

Image source: Phone Arena

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