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SMS Text Delivery Alerts On Android

Texting is one of the necessities now a days and the decision of each and every buyer in today’s time is largely influenced by how the texting experience is going to be on a particular smart phone.

One may not have enough time to make a quick call to his friends or family but he or she could spare enough time to send a text message. The fact is, sending a text message to a given person is not a difficult job but knowing whether the text message has reached the other end or not, is something you have no clue about. For that you have delivery reports which appear as notifications on the screen.

Most of the Android users should have noticed that you do not see text message delivery reports when a text or multimedia message is sent, as per the default preferences. But if you play around a little bit with the Settings, you will know that one can actually have delivery report notification for each and every text or multimedia message sent.

This very post is dedicated to all those Android users who have no clue about how to enable delivery reports and to do the same, just follow the guide given below:

Step 1: Open the stock Messaging app on your device.


Step 2: Tap on the menu button, the one with three vertical dots present at the bottom right of the interface.


Step 3: From the pop up, select Settings to open Messaging settings. Now on the Settings page, under both Text and Multimedia Messages, you will have an option called Delivery Reports. You need to check the box corresponding to them.


Now you are all set to receive delivery reports for each message that you send. Go ahead and send a text or multimedia message to one of your contacts, and you will see a small pop up notification appearing in the bottom region of the screen when the person on the other end receives the message.



This is a hidden feature which is very useful at times when you do not whether the person you are sending the message to, is in the network coverage area or out of it. However, the only problem with the notification is that it appears as a pop up only and that too for a very short period of time. So there are chances that you could miss it.

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