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[Solved] Cannot Add Gmail Account In iPhone Mail App

We got this problem related email from most of our readers and most of them reported the strange error that they cannot add gmail account in iphone mail app, as per them they cant add their gmail account in iphone when they go to Settings >> Mail, Contacts and Calendar >> Add Account.


As per the reports in email when they try to add the account entering the right username and password they cant get it verified and get the error message on iphone cannot add gmail account because either username or password is not correct.

This problem is really strange as when you are facing this error, you may be able to login to the same gmail account using any internet browser but cannot configure email account on iphone using the same username and password combination.

Following are some possible solutions to resolve this issue.

Cant Open Gmail On iPhone – Solution 1

As per some research and experience this error seems to be happening because of additional verification step which google introduced because Google recently detected unusual sign-in attempts for you account when you try to configure your account on the mobile device like iphone and you have entered the wrong username or password from a device or application that you were trying to use.

cannot add google account in iphone

As google need to verify that these attempts were indeed initiated by you. So before you can now configure your email account successfully you will need to do additional verification at this page – make sure you are logged into gmail account you want to configure on your iphone when you visit the page linked previously.

Cant Add Gmail Account on iPhone – Solution 2

Follow the steps on your iPhone on which you are trying to add these gmail accounts.

Go to "Settings"

Go to "Mail, Contacts, Calenders"

Go to your google account

Go to "Account Info"

1.)   Change your password turn "Use SSL" OFF. Click on done. (will say it can’t confirm/connect/etc.)

2.)   Turn "Use SSL" ON again. Click on done.

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