[Solved] Cannot Create Location Based Reminders on iPhone

One of my friends who use an iphone 4 with ios 5 on it, just sent me this message in which he complained that he is not able to create location based reminder on his iphone. As per his narration whenever he tries to create a location based reminder – he see the following error which says cannot determine the location while creating a location based reminder.

For some people it may happen that they may not be able to see tasks in reminders where they can add new to do tasks but in such cases the possible solution could be the following steps.

1. When you are in the Reminders app, tap the menu button on the top right

2: Chances are you have an exchange email account or the equivalent selected under Tasks

3: Select iCloud (or any other non exchange based email account listed) and click Reminders

reminder app

Now for those reminder app is working fine when they try to add a location based reminder or add location to exiting to task to be completed in reminder app but when you do this, the time when you need to select the option to choose a address, it will try to ask you to select a contact which may have some physical address but in most of the cases if you store a phone number as contact, it will not have the address.

Now in order to create a location based reminder, you should follow the step by step guide given below.

Firstly open the google maps application, now locate the address if you are the same location for just locate it or in other case you can search.


then once you have located, click the arrow and then add the geo location as shown in the image below.


Now you should add this location as contact, and name it home, office or any other relevant name with which you can add the same.


Now go to reminder app and create a new location based reminder or edit the existing one and add a location with the new contact you just created by mapping a location with the help of google map.


Now you can add location you just created and added as contact as shown in the image below.


This way you create a location based reminder on iphone without any problem.

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