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[Solved] Cannot Delete Installed Apps On My iPad, iPhone – Forgot Restriction Passcode 4 Digit

From time to time we keep receiving different iPad, iPhone problems, we keep fixing them on our iPhone, iPad Fix Forum but some of them we pick and solve it here as detailed solution just like this post. Recently we got this question from one of our readers Rahul who has this strange problem as he narrated on my ipad, he said.

Cannot Delete Installed Apps On My iPad, iPhone

“I have iPad 2 32 GB my father bought it on my birthday, he also uses this ipad for his work some times, the other day I noticed I was not able to delete certain apps which I installed on my ipad, what could be the possible reason for this problem, how can I fix the same?”

After doing after our research we came to this conclusion that there is no other reason for some one could not delete the apps on their iphone or ipad apart from the one, i.e some other users has enabled the restriction which could stop you from deleting apps accidently with a passcode.

Enabled Restrictions With Passcode

So the Root cause of the problem is that you have enabled restriction feature on your ipad or iphone which is under Settings >> General >> Restrictions – It stops you do the following things – It may prevent you from using Safari App, Youtube, Camera, Facetime, iTunes, Ping Feature and you can not install or delete apps as well as shown in the image above.

What You Could Do To Solve This Problem?

You can easily disable this restrictions by going to Settings >> General >> Restrictions and tap on Disable Restrictions and then enter the right passcode to disable the settings which does not allow you to stop deleting apps.

What If I don’t Know or Remember The Passcode?

There is no possible solution other than restoring your ipad, iphone to previous backup you have done with iTunes or from iCloud, to know how to restore from iTunes you can read the guide at this page.

But How To Restore From iCloud?

Unfortunately, the restore from iCloud is not that simple like you do with iTunes, as restore can only be done as per apple from iCloud when your device is new that means you changed your device or upgraded or when you are messed up with all the app or the entire device. 

So, to restore your device with last backup go to General choose Reset, and then select Erase All Content and Settings. Your device will be restored to factory conditions as shown in the image below.

reset iphone settings and delete all data

Once all data and settings are deleted, then you will be prompted with a screen which allows you to restore your backup from iCloud as shown in the image below.

restore from icloud backup iphone

Please Note: Make sure you restore from the backup when there was no restriction enabled at the time when you made that backup or else you will see the problem to persist again, but so this you will need to restore from the old backup from icloud but still we not sure whether icloud keeps revision backups on apple online servers.

Note: only data is in the backup. Content, if not in iTunes, will need to be reloaded (if it was purchased in iTunes, non-purchased music requires iTunes Match) and make sure you save all important files, pictures, whatever before hand. Email them if necessary. You can get back the apps without a backup, but you can not get back their content.

Is the Cydia Apps You Want To Delete?

If it is the cydia installed apps and tweaks which you want to delete from your iphone, ipad. Follow the procedure below to know how to delete Cydia apps, there are two ways to do this mentioned below.

Open Cydia, press Manage, press Packages. Find the package you want to remove. Press it, press "Modify" in the upper-right corner of the screen, press remove, then confirm or Download "CyDelete" from Cydia. This allows you to delete Cydia apps in the same way you do for App Store apps on your iphone, ipad.

No Jailbreak Does Not Stop You From Deleting Apps On iPhone, iPad

Please note that there is no possible way any jailbreak tweak or installing cydia cannot cause this problem on your apple device, so if your ipad, iphone is jailbroken please don’t think it could jailbreaking your apple device which has caused this problem.

Recover The Forgotten Passcode Code

Yes, there is way with which you could retrieve the forgotten passcode on your apple device as shown in the video below but this used to work for iphone. ipad running older versions on iOS.

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