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[Solved] Can’t Download Apps After Updating To iOS 6

If you of those users of apple device who is downloading lot of apps at the same times, these apps could be some of the apps you had already installed and other ones which you are downloading fresh, some of the iPad and iPhone users reported that they are no longer able to download or update the apps after iOS update.

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In this post we are going to discuss the possible reasons of this problem and solution of the same as well. After doing some research we came to know about some of the reasons why this could happen to any iOS user.

Problem With WiFi or 3G Connectivity 

Yes, if you are updating or installed several apps at the same time and after some minutes you see the waiting text below all the apps and you see no new app installing or updating then it could be due to the breakage in internet connectivity which might have occurred while updating or installing these new or old apps, in such case you first need to check the wifi or 3g connection and then tap on these apps to toggle from waiting to pause state and then tap again  to download state, so they resuming downloading from app store.

Open iTunes On Device and Delete All The Downloads Going On

One of our users easily fixed this issue by, following the simple steps. Open iTunes on your device, look at downloads and you will find one of them is stuck. Delete it by swiping right and bingo. It’s fixed.

Reset Your Device and Restore From iCloud or Other Backup

Please Note: Make sure you backup your iPad in iTunes or on iCloud before you follow the steps below.

Go to Settings -> General –> Reset – then select Erase all contents and settings

On startup, choose “Restore from iCloud backup”, or “Set up as new iPad” as per your preference.

Don’t Update or Download Apps in Bulk

As per the user reports, this issue arises with users who are downloading or updating large number [ 9-10 ] of apps at a time, so to fix this try downloading apps in limited number at a time like 3-4 at a time.


Most of the users were able to fix the problem by following one of the above method, if you have a related problem or in your case none of above method worked then please leave a comment through the comment section below.

By abhishek

Abhishek Bhatnagar is an apple engineer at heart and an apple products user since the first iPhone, he posses a Engineer degree and loves to review Apple products ans iOS apps.

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