Use iPhone Without Physical Home Button

We have received many problems by users who have some how facing the problem on their iphone, iPod touch or iPad when home button on their devices gets stuck and for some users they say they are unable to press the home button as it does not come out when press. In some cases users say that it could sweat which was causing the home button on iphone to behave weird way.


After analyzing the queries of iphone problems, we started finding solutions to these problems and fortunately there is a solution for any kind problem related to iphone home button and it may sound a surprise to you but you should know that one can easily use iphone without working home button or with broken home button.

Home Button Hanged or Behaving Weird

For most of the user for which home button hanged or does not react instantly, rebooting the device solved the problem. So in order to restart you need to hold the power / sleep keep at the top until you see slide to power down iphone on the screen and then start the apple device after some pressing the same power / sleep key until you see the apple logo on screen.

Weird Solution To Fix Home Button But Works

Some of our users put a very small drop on the home button or cleaned it with wet cloth happens to get the home button worked, however I would call that really weird but it worked for many people out there.

Press The Home Button Hard When Its Stuck

Some press the home button hard to make it responsive, still that could make your home button go dead but you can apply moderate low pressure to bring iphone home button back to normal when its stuck.

Please Note: Connecting the USB iphone data cable made the home button responsive for some users.

For Those With Broken Home Button

If you have an iphone, ipod touch or ipad with a broken home button, you can easily use the corner of the screen with a visible home button shown in the right bottom corner which lets you simulate the action of the home button. For this you just have to enable Assistive Touch under Settings >> General >> Accessibility – Tap on it and set the “AssistiveTouch” option to ON.


Once you enable this option you will see a white color circle at the bottom right corner of the screen.


You can watch the video below to see things in action as shown, on how does this feature work.

Finally, if you have jailbroken iphone with a  broken or damaged home button, you can still live without it by enabling the assistive touch, apply the tips given below.

Home Button Damaged On Jailbroken iPhone

First method would be installing the activator [free] from Cydia if you don’t have it already installed on your iphone, you can go on Settings and scroll down you will see activator if it is installed on your iphone, make sure you have it installed, you can find this tweak in cydia in thebiggboss repo. No go to activator under settings


Now under activator, tap anywhere as shown in the image below.


Now scroll down to select an action like Shake the device in our case


Now select this motion gesture to simulate the action of home button, and once done shake your iphone to see this in action.


Similarly you can select gestures like swipe on the bottom of the screen, tap and hold on the status bar to simulate the action of home button with this tweak. You can watch the video below to see the things in action.

Another cydia tweak which solves the broken or not responsive home button is iHome which comes for free in cydia in Modmyi repo – it also gives you the home screen and home button control. You can see how by watching the video below.



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