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[Solved] Fix Cannot Hear Audio From iPad While Playing Videos or Using Apps

Some of our readers who have ipad reported this strange problem when they are not able to hear sound from the ipad while playing a youtube video or some other video, they experienced the same thing as there was no sound when they tried using some apps. Even of there is some sound that’s used to come while using a app like playing game they could hear the same.

Cannot Hear Audio From iPad While Playing Videos or Using Apps

After searching about this strange problem we found out several solutions for the same to solve this problem. Considering different scenarios following are some solutions for this problem. 

Slide Switch is Set To Mute

In most of the cases this problem can easily solved on any ipad, under Settings >> General and then make sure that the settings which says Use Slide Switch to should be for lock rotation and even if it set to mute sound, try toggling the button up or down if you hear any sound. If it is set to mute position your ipad will not produce any sounds in apps, games or video you are playing or anything you do on your ipad. To Locate the slide to switch button on ipad read here how to make ipad silent or you can learn more about ipad slide to switch button.

Check iPad Volume If Its low

This is first thing one will check if they don’t hear sound from ipad while playing a video or listening to a song, so if you haven’t then try increasing the ipad volume by pressing the volume up key, this may be you can check it if that works for you and you may hear the sound.

Try Resetting or Restarting Your iPad

If even after following the above methods then you can try resetting your ipad, don’t worry it wont delete any user data on the ipad. To do this,  Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button for a few seconds until the red "slide to power off" slider appears, and then slide the slider.

Following steps tell you how to reset your ipad.

Note: Reset your device only if it is no longer responding and the steps above do not work.

Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button and the Home button together for at least ten seconds, until the Apple logo appears.

Note: If this no sound is with some specific video only, try playing other video to see if the video itself is problem.

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One reply on “[Solved] Fix Cannot Hear Audio From iPad While Playing Videos or Using Apps”

I have the opposite problem. Audio is switched off (by on/off switch) – however I get audio from youtube videos when playing a video on my iPad3 by accident …

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