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[Solved] Fix Facebook Runs Slow, Crash on iPhone

There are many iphone users who sent us the mail regarding slow facebook app on their iphone, for some it happened once they updated the facebook app it become very slow to load, the new latest version of facebook app now as I am writing this post is really slow to load on all iphone models including iphone 4s and 4 and the older iphone models its worst.


The new facebook app is slow because it is now designed on the ideas of timeline inspired from the facebook web based interface which is actually for the desktop browser not mobile phones like devices, so it taking much time to load and causing much issues, as images updates from your facebook friends loads too slow and even the iphone starts running slow because of too much RAM utilization by the facebook app itself, there are many users these days who are fed up using the new facebook app including me. After searching about this problem I found out multiple ways to solve this problem.

Downgrade Facebook App Version On iPhone

There are many ways with which you can downgrade the app version of facebook on your iphone, but for this you should have the old version of the app synced up with iTunes backed up previously. This works for many users out there as they feel and its true that the older version of facebook app for iphone is better and faster to run and load on iphone if it still lacks some new features. Another way of downgrading the facebook app on iphone can be done manually by deleting the current version and then downloading the older facebook app version and then installing it, but this can be done only on jailbreaked iphones 

Facebook iPhone App Cache Make It Slower – Reinstall Could Work and Fix The Crashing Issue

As per some people it’s the cache which facebook app on iphone which keeps on increasing every time you use the app so if you try deleting the app and reinstalling facebook app on iphone app worked for some of the people facing slow facebook app load time on iphone, but this issue comes up again when they use it for some days. As by deleting the facebook app you delete all its data so that could be a life saver for some who see facebook app crashing most of the time when they try to use it.

Facebook iPhone App Alternatives – Try Faster Facebook Apps For iPhone

Yes, if nothing works and your facebook app does not get faster by any of the above methods, then you can consider installing some facebook app alternatives from the android market which are meant to use facebook in faster way than the original facebook app does.

Some good facebook alternative app for iphone are

Use Safari – Yes, I know safari is not a facebook app but if you use facebook from safari web browser you will notice a much faster speed as compared to the original facebook app for iphone.

Ace For Facebook – Ace is a full-featured iPhone/iPod Touch Facebook client with a lot of improvements, read this page for a detailed review of this app. [ 157 Ratings From Users ] –

Facely HD For Facebook [0.99$]- It gives you a consistent, customized Facebook experience with as much personality as you have! Optimized for the high definition touch screens of iPad and iPhone 4. [ 2712 Ratings From Users ]

Lot more other facebook apps on iphone, you can decide which ones you want to install by doing a google search on the same.

I hope the ways above will help you fix slow load facebook app and crashing on facebook app on your iphone, in case if it does not please leave a comment at the end of this page through the comments section below.

By abhishek

Abhishek Bhatnagar is an apple engineer at heart and an apple products user since the first iPhone, he posses a Engineer degree and loves to review Apple products ans iOS apps.

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Hi! Can you please tell me which are the other apps that can replace Facebook? Because I’ve been searching for them for hours and..nothing. And because Ace for Facebook simply doesn’t work. I click on the icon, it appears, but then BAM it closes… :(. I really don’t know what to do :-??.

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