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[Solved] Fix iPhone Runs Slow Due To Apps or After Firmware Upgrade

There are many times when we receive emails from our readers who are so much fed of slow iphone speed while using multiple apps and on the other hand some users experienced slow running iphone and some time unresponsive iphone after a recent new firmware upgrade. Some users really feel that it is the jailbreak or some apps or tweaks from cydia which has made their iphone laggy or cause it to crash while doing task or using some app.

iPhone Runs Slow Due To Apps or After Firmware Upgrade

Today we are going to discuss all the possible scenarios which makes your iphone slow and all the possible ways how you can fix the same, if your iphone does not respond to touch gestures or respond slow once you press the home button and if the UI animations are not smooth enough and you can see the apps lagging a bit while closing or opening them on your iphone.

For Both Non Jailbroken and Jailbroken iPhones

RAM Memory Low – Try Killing Apps Running In Background

There are times when you keep running apps on your iphone without releasing that there are too many apps running in background which are using memory and other hardware resources like processors and ram and there by giving the current app a very low resources to run and making your iphone slow. In order to kill these process you need to double click the home button and then tap and hold on any of the app shown in the bottom apps taskbar on your iphone touch screen and then it will show the red – sign tapping on which kills an app running on your iphone, this way if you can kill the apps which you are not using you can free a lot of RAM memory which will make your iphone faster.


Disable Spotlight Search – Disable Some Search Items in iPhone

One way to make your iphone running faster is by disabling some search items on iphone so that it stops indexing that in background when you are using the phone, disabling some search items or entire spotlight search feature does gives a real boost if you are using iphone older than iphone 4 still you can try it on new models of iphone like 4 and 4s it does seem to make a difference as we experienced during our testing.

Try Downgrading The OS Version Of iPhone To Make it Faster

Yes, this happens with many iphones users as well when they upgrade the firmware on their iphone and suddenly they see decreased battery backup and slow running iphone which was running at fine speed before the firmware upgrade, so the firmware downgrade or reverting to older version of iphone OS is not that easy as it apple does not allow the same most of the time, but still you can search on google to find guides which tells you about how to downgrade firmware on iphone.

Hard Reset or Restart Can Make Your iPhone Run Faster

Yes, if you think your iphone is running too slow then hard resetting is the another easy to speed it up, it does make a good difference in the over all running speed on your iphone. For this you will need to Press Power / Sleep Key + Home button for around 10 seconds until you see the apple logo on screen or other way just press the power key for 2-3 seconds and you will see the slide to power off, after the restart of the phone you will notice better response and speed on your iphone.

Format Your iPhone and Do Not Restore From Old Backup

Another way to make your iphone run blazing fast is by deleting all the data on your iphone, it means you need to restore your iphone with the current firmware and then our recommendation is not to restore it from backup rather than setup a new phone so that it stays fast and install the apps you need – but before you do this make sure to backup all your iphone text messages. 

For Jailbroken iPhones

Try Releasing RAM Memory on iPhone with tweaks like RemoveBG, SBSettings and KillBackground to kill apps on iphone instantly and another step which could make your iphone respond faster and more faster is the springboard restart, you can restart springboard which make a good difference in the running speed of the phone you can do this with SBSettings.


You can also get to know the fastest and easiest way to make your iphone run faster.


Tip: As per the response from the community, one way to make new iphone and ipad faster is it turn off the cloud backup for some apps like mail and others which could give good speed while using these apple devices. 


In case if you have any tip to share to make your iphone run faster, which we have missed mentioning above do let us know through the comments section below.

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