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[Solved] Fix iPhone Stopped Charging and Shows Fully Charged But Its Not

Some iphone recently reported this problem as per which they told us that suddenly their iphone started showing fully charged when its not fully charged, for some users their iphone stopped charging either they plug it through the wall charger or to a running computer using the iPhone USB cable.

iphone stopped charging

This problem can happen with any iphone including iphone 3g, 3gs, 4, 4S so it could happen to any iphone user and almost can happen to any iphone. After searching for the solution we found multiple solutions to solve this problem which you can try out.

One reason for this problem could be the defective battery, to test this first try charging your iphone with atleast two different apple genuine wall charger. Try charging your iphone with using a computer using the iphone USB cable, if still it does not charge then try doing the following and try charging it again to see whether it starts charging. Take the iphone to apple care center in case if it under warranty to get a replacement.

1. Reset your iphone by pressing Home Button + Power / Sleep key until you see the apple logo on the screen.

2. Now try draining your battery to empty, then try charging it again to see whether it charge once you drain off the entire battery on your iphone.

3. Try plugging the iphone with the wall charger to a different power port that could help to fix the problem in some case.

4. Try charging your iphone with ipad power charger, as it supplies more current so it could really help you charge the iphone.

5. Try powering off and power on again and try charging it either with the wall charger or through computer.

6. Try removing the SIM card and reboot it without the SIM card and then put the SIM card and power on pressing the Home button and Power button key.

If none of the above solution worked in your case, then the last solution that worked for almost all the iphone users who faced this problem is mentioned below.

Connect iPhone Using A USB Cable to a Mac Or PC and Then Restart The PC or Mac

Yes, for most of the people who faced this problem can get this solved by connecting your iphone to computer or mac using a USB cable and then restart your mac computer or PC and then after restart you will see iphone starts charging after some time, make sure you keep it connected all time during the computer restart.

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