[Solved] Fix iPhone Stuck in Recovery Mode – Eject From Restore Mode

Many users have reported that while updating their firmware their iPhone stuck in recovery mode and now every time when they connect their iPhone to iTunes it say that your iPhone is in recovery mode and thus all the options such as upgrade or other file syncing options get disabled. But sometimes it may also happen that once your iPhone enters the recovery mode and iTunes might stop detecting that.We will be helping you with all the possible solution to this problem.


Normal Solution

When your iPhone stuck in recovery mode then the most common solution is to press your home button and power button simultaneously until you see apple logo on the screen (please do not lode hope while doing so and it might take a while), once you see that logo, connect your iPhone to iTunes and I am sure that it will start working properly.

Now if you laptop or computer does not detect your iPhone then I will suggest you to completely delete or uninstall iTunes version from your computer including the registry files and then download a fresh copy of iTunes installer and then install that version on your computer. There are maximum chances that now your iPhone will detected by that iTunes but even if it does not then I will suggest you to try some other PC or Laptop with the same solution and then it will definitely be detected else your iPhone is not in recovery mode rather it has got some physical defect.

Windows Application to kick out your iPhone from recovery mode

If you don’t feel confident to kick your iPhone our of recovery mode then there is no need to worry as there are certain applications which can do this for you. You can take help of iRecovery or you can also take help of TinyUmbrella to connect your iPhone in recovery mode with your PC or laptop. Once they detect your iPhone they will bring that out your iPhone in normal mode. They are simple tools you will just have to click a button to bring them out to normal mode.

To take precautions always make sure that internet connectivity should be maintained throughout the process of upgrading the firmware and make sure that USB cable should be connected perfectly. Sometimes due to unavailability of internet or lose wired connection up gradation may hang in between thus allowing the phone to go in recovery mode.

Watch the Video Below  That Might Help You

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