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[Solved] Fix Youtube Videos on iPad Stuck or Stop Loading [For iPhone Also]

As per the user feedback playing youtube videos on iPad can be real painful experience some times as it more often the youtube videos get stuck while playing or lag or just keep buffering but does not play at all. It happened with those users specially who were trying to mirror the ipad screen to their TV via apple TV or via iPad accessory.

iPad youtube video playback problems could appear due to slow internet connection, cookies stored in the iPad or some other reason like sometimes there might be a problem with the video itself which you are trying to play.

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There are different solutions for youtube video playback problems, all these methods are mentioned below.

Decrease The Video Playback Quality

One simple way you can make sure that a youtube video runs smoothly, you can set the preference under your youtube account, under Settings >> Playback and then specify that you are on slow speed internet connection so that youtube does not play the videos in HD on your iPad.

slow internet youtube

So this way when you are watching youtube video and you are signed in to your youtube account, it wont play videos automatically in HD so that video plays smoothly at slow internet speed as well, however there will be a little compromise on the video quality this way.

Watch The Video In Safari and Lower The Resolution Manually

In case when you are watching the video on youtube without logging to your youtube account, then you can try watching a youtube video in safari browser which plays the flash videos on youtube by transcoding the video content. 


It allows you to lower down the screen resolution of the videos you are watching, you can decrease the video quality by tapping the gear icon on the youtube video playback bar.

photo (6)

Clear Browser Cookies On Your iPad

One reason for video not playing is the loaded cookies and cache, which you can clean under Settings >> Safari and then tap on the option which says clear cookies and data. 

photo (8)

Similarly you can clear the history on iPhone as well if you are experiencing similar issue on iPhone, this way many iPad users solved the video playback problems on iPad.

Change DNS Server on Your iPad

This may sound strange this solution worked for many iPad and iPhone users out there who were facing youtube video playback problems. As per this solution you need to change the DNS servers of your home router to speed up the video playback.

Try changing your systems’s DNS servers to those offered by OpenDNS. To do so,

  • Tap Settings
  • Tap Wi-Fi on the left-hand side
  • Tap the blue arrow next to your current Wi-Fi network
  • Tap the “DNS” field and enter the following:,


    This is how you can solve the problem of slow video playback for youtube videos on your ipad and iPhone and similar apple devices. We hope the above methods helps you to fix the stuck playback while watching a youtube video. If you have a related problem or  query we suggest you to use the comment section below to let us know about it, and we will try our best to solve it for you.

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