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Some Less Known Battery Saving Tips [Android]

The 2013 MWC just got over and we saw some great android powered gadgets being launched there. Almost every gadget launched at the MWC sported a huge screen and actually this has become a trend. In fact manufacturers are now trying to make their products look as beautiful as they can, by offering 1080p HD displays.

Remembering the problem we have been facing with big screen devices, one of the most important of them is battery drain. Quite naturally, if a device has a bigger screen it will use more battery to power itself which one cannot avoid. Some of the best workarounds include using screen dimmers, turning off services like Google Now, etc.

Besides these well known battery saving tips, we have a couple of less known, yet very useful, tips too which we are going to share with you in this article.

Less Known Battery Saving Tips

1. Notifications – Application notifications are the most innovating feature as they inform you about everything that happens with the app. But these notifications do eat some battery which you can save by disabling notifications for specific or all applications. To do so, go to Settings > Apps. Once you are in the application manager, go to ALL apps section (swipe to the right), and tap on the app. Now on the main app info page, uncheck the Show Notifications option and confirm it.


2. Background Data – Many of the preinstalled applications, and some installed applications use background data which causes serious battery drain. These apps could be used on Wi-Fi but when running on mobile data in the background, they have an adverse effect on the battery life. To overcome this, you can head to Settings > Data Usage. No scroll down the data usage page and you will see the services that are using mobile data in the background. To restrict any of them from using mobile data in the background, tap on it and on the next page check the option for Restrict background data. I personally would not disable background data for Android OS, and Emails.


3. Last but not the least, you can install some free battery monitor and cpu usage apps which can further help you in determining which of the installed applications are using huge amount of cpu and keeping your phone awake. You will have to personally cross refer the data from both these apps and then come to a conclusion. For monitoring the battery you can install GSAM Battery Monitor, while for monitoring CPU usage you may have CPU Spy. Both these applications are available for Free, so do not worry about spending anything.

I really hope these three tips will help you save some extra battery from your new android device.

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