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Tip – See Online Friends in Google Talk Android App

Google Talk is one of the best instant messaging clients available for both smartphones and desktop. And what makes it unique is the fact that it looks simple, and yet comes with some of the best features such as video calling, file sharing etc. Recently, in a how to do post concerning Gtalk android app, we informed you about the multiple Google account sign-in feature. Today’s post is going to cover another very useful feature of the Google Talk android app.

With the increasing number of users of Google Talk, the respective friend lists are also expanding. So the question arises, how would you sort your Google Talk friends if there are way too many contacts in the list?

The android application comes with a feature with which you can sort friends out, depending on their availability, initials, and recency. If you have not found this very feature on your android device, follow the guide given below:

Step 1: Open the app drawer from the home screen and find the Google Talk app which will be present with the label TALK. Open the app.


Step 2: Hit the preferences/ settings button present on the top right corner. On the drop down list, look for Display Options. It should be on top of drop down menu.


Step 3: On hitting Display Options, a pop up screen will appear. As shown in the image below, it would say Sort Friends By. This is the sorting menu with three options – Availability, Name, and Recency.  Tap on any of the options and the friend list will be modified immediately.



It is a very useful feature indeed, as it lets you sort the friend list as per your requirement. Although these three options are enough, we wish it had a few more sorting options.

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