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SoundGecko Reads Out RSS Feeds On Your Android Device

One of the means of keeping yourself abreast with the latest news is RSS feeds. One may not read the newspaper on a daily basis but he or she would surely check her RSS feeds on the computer or smartphone, frequently. No doubt there are way too many RSS applications available for Android that offer a much better reading experience, but there are not too many good apps that can actually read the RSS feeds out to you.

SoundGecko is the new kid on the block and is an efficient RSS and PDF reader. Since we are talking about the RSS aspect only, we shall not be talking about the PDF part.

How To Use SoundGecko To Read Out Your RSS

Step 1: First and foremost, head to the Google Play store and download SoundGecko for free. Once installed, open the app and you will reach a screen as shown below in the picture. Talking about the app’s interface, you have two sections – Playlist and Featured. At the bottom are five buttons, starting from the left – Facebook like button(looks like a heart), 10 second rewind button, Play/Pause button, 30 second forward button, and the next button.

Important thing to note here is that the Playlist section is empty right now and to use it, you need to login using your Facebook account or you can register for a SoundGecko account.


Step 2: After you log in, you get access to all the features available. But before that we will talk about how the app works. If you want to listen to a particular post, you can tap on the title and SoundGecko will immediately start reading it out. Using the buttons at the bottom, you can rewind the post, forward it, pause it, and even switch to the next post. If you wish to read the text yourself, you may open a post by tapping on the corresponding arrow button (present on the extreme right)


Step 3: An interesting feature of this app is that you can add any post or article that you come across in browser, to the SoundGecko Playlist section. To add any article to the Playlist section, while you are in your browser, tap on the settings button on the top right corner and use the Share Page option. A pop up window will appear from where you choose Share Via SoundGecko. Now you can open SoundGecko and your added post will be displayed under the Playlist section.


Other SoundGecko options, which includes the Preferences, can be opened up by tapping on the settings button present on the top right corner. The Preferences include auto start reading option, and automatically  switching to next track option which can be disabled or enabled as per your requirement.


Unfortunately it does not have any option to add custom RSS feeds and it can only be done by vesting There you will have to add custom RSS feed which will then be synced with the Android app.


It may not be best RSS reader out there, but it does its job fairly well. It reads our articles pretty nicely and we did not encounter any considerable battery drains while using the app. So for us, considering its price tag which is FREE, it is an app worth trying.

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