Stop Cydia From Reloading Repository Every Time You Start It, Make It Run In Background When You Press Home Button

Cydia is an essential app for all the jailbroken iPhone and iPad as it provide endless tweaks to be installed which help you in every possible way. Whether its about changing the appearance of keyboard, dock, the winterboard or it is about adding various tweaks related to performance and productivity, Cydia provides an ultimate solution to all the problems.

Despite being an essential app one of the very annoying and not so good feature of the same is that it refreshes the database every time you open it. I mean that each time you open Cydia it will first refresh all the resources, check for any changes and then after all that will work properly.


The fetching of data is continuous and is not supposed to be stopped as it keeps on refreshing the list for new apps and updates but to some people, including me, it wastes a lot of time which is certainly not good. Recently while surfing the list of apps on the same, I found an interesting and useful tweak for this problem.


CyTask is one of the latest utilities on Cydia and stops the app from reloading when you open it from the taskbar. This means that you open Cydia let it refresh and then afterwards, unless you kill Cydia and restart it, the CyTask will not let it reload it. You can minimize Cydia in the taskbar and can open it as many times as you want but it will not fetch any data.

To get the app for your device add as a repository in your sources under the manage section.


Refresh Cydia and search the keyword CyTask and from there you can install it.


Hope you will like this small yet extremely powerful and time saving app.

App Requirements: Require Cydia Version 1.1.1 or 1.1.2

Rating 3/5 | Price : Free | Search CyTask On Cydia To Download

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