iPhone Do Not Disturb Block Calls From All and Allow Selected Contacts To Call You

Do Not Disturb is a new feature introduced in iOS 6 and it is a very good feature to allow few number of people to disturb you when you are asleep or doing anything important. I can say that this feature is like putting your phone on custom silence. There is much functionality associated with this feature and in this post we will explain every one of them.


You can alter the settings of this feature under the notification tab under Settings. The first feature to be explained is ‘Scheduled’.



This feature will schedule this ‘Do Not Disturb’ feature for a scheduled period of time, if it is not enabled then DND feature will not be disabled unless you manually turn it OFF. Once it is enabled as mentioned in the screenshot below, you will have to select the start time and the end time of the scheduled time span for DND.

Allow Call From


Now this feature gives you the privilege to receive the calls from a certain category of users. Broadly they have been classified among three options mentioned below in the screenshot and other options can be the group of contacts on your iPhone.

Repeated Calls


This feature should be used wisely, if you feel that you might receive any urgent call then you can switch this field ON as an important call may be made more than once under a short span of time. This feature will reject the call for the first time but if the user calls again within 3 minutes then it will not be rejected and you will be able to take that call.


Once you enable Do Not Disturb, it will only work when you lock the phone else the phone will work normally. This feature will reject all the calls once it is enabled and your iPhone will not blink on the notification of any application.

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