Stop Receiving Spam, Advertising SMS On Your Android Phone With SMS Blocker [Free]

Whether you own a Vodafone number or an Airtel one or any other, the biggest problem now a days is the uncountable number of advertisements through SMSs. Many do get Do Not Disturb a.k.a DND service activated but it hardly helps but if you own an Android device then I have probably found a solution to these unwanted messages.

smsBlocker is the best spam message blocker so far and I believe it’s the perfect app for your phone and will not disappoint you. In fact I have been using it for a while and found it simply amazing. At the first screen you just have to set the country code and proceed.


At the beginning it will scan your inbox and will ask you to check the boxes for the messages that you want to block in the future. So select all those messages and hit the Add button present at the bottom.


The next screen will take you to the actual interface of the app where you get tabs like Block, Allow, Filter, Logs and Settings.


In case you want to add more numbers to your block list you can tap on menu and select add which will being a small pop up window on your screen with options like Inbox, Phonebook and Manual Entry. Through Inbox option you can go to your inbox again and select the respective messages. With the Phonebook option you can block numbers already existing in your contact list.


Just to make you understand, I did add a few more messages by tapping on Inbox and then selecting the unwanted ones.


Switching to the allow tab will take you to the next feature where you can manually enter the numbers which are to be allowed.


Filter is the next option where you can enter the words that are supposed to be blocked or allowed. For example I wanted to block all the messages with any association with snapdeal, so I entered the word snapdeal in the block content category so that the filter can do its job.


The Logs option is similar to your call logs and keeps a record of the blocked messages. In my case it was one so the  app is showing a single message in the logs section.


From the settings menu you can enable or disable the app and can also set the country code.


On hitting the menu button in the settings section, you would also a Share option with which you can share it via Bluetooth, Facebook, gmail or many other options.


One can also track the number of messages blocked in the notification drop down menu and interestingly by the time I ended reviewing the app, it blocked 2 more messages taking the total to 3 from the previous 1 as seen in the logs section.


Conclusion: So far I bet it’s the best spam message blocker app and is definitely a must one.

Our Rating: 4.5/5 | Price: Free | Visit Android Market Link To Install smsBlocker

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