Stop Receiving Spam Telemarketing SMS, Calls On Your iPhone With iBlacklist

A general problem that prevails in our country concerned with mobile phones is pesky calls and SMSs, No matter what we try still we get enough unwanted SMSs and calls to annoy us. But things might change as people with jailbroken iPhones have an option now. iBlacklist is a potential call and sms blocker app available on Cydia and as far as my experience is concerned it successfully blocks all those unwanted incoming calls and SMSs and also accepts the desired ones at the same time.


The main interface has the enable option on the top followed by the blacklists, whitelists, view history option. Then we have the active lists, action setup, call and message settings, scheduler, camo, passwords etc. Under the Enable option one can activate/deactivate the app for calls, SMS, facetime and MMS. At the bottom we have the classic and profile mode and you can select either depending on your convenience.


To start with the app, if you are using classic mode, select blacklists. This will show a list of lists existing in the app dedicated to blocked numbers. By default the app has a general Blacklist and to create more press Add new Blacklist and to delete any press the edit button on the top.


After you have created a list press on the same so that you can add numbers to the list from which calls and SMS are to be blocked. On the next page press the + button on the top right corner to add a number. FOr you convenience I have already added three numbers.


After pressing +(add) button, on the next page you will have the power to select the number, from your contacts, recent calls and even from your message inbox. Once you select the number, on this very page only you can separately enable or disable call and SMS blocking through the toggle buttons. You can set an autoreply SMS and can also select an action like a voicemail or busy signal,accept, accept and hangup etc under the Action option. After selecting all that you wish press Save and likewise you can add as many numbers.


From the list of contacts under the black list or white list one can tap on any contact to get additional options like call number, send message, edit contact, delete contact etc.


Coming back to the main screen under the Action Setup option you can choose the default action to be taken for restricted numbers as well as contacts which are not on the whitelists. You can set actions like voicemail, busy signal, accept etc and when a restricted number or caller calls you who is not on the whitelists, the app will take the set action.


Under call settings you can use filters like delete recent calls, save history, address book contacts only, vibrate, sound notifications, set actions for no identification callers and many other options. The message settings also contains similar options.


Under scheduler, one can select a particular list and schedule the time and days for which you want it to be active while for the remaining hours it will be disabled automatically. under extras you can enable disable notifications to ensure privacy and even enable parental control.


Under the password section you can set a password for yourself and a fake password which you can use in front of others. For the fake password you can also select an action like opening an app or a fake call and sms database. The reason why the password feature has been provided is that if you are any of you friend or family person wants to know what this app does then you can enter the fake password and the iBlacklist app will open some other set app and when you are using it and no one is around you can enter the actual password and access the app. Quite nice


The Camo feature lets you change the home screen icon name of the app and also lets you change the icon.


App Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

Conclusion: Excellent app and works with brilliance. The additional password and Camo feature make it unique. A must try one

Our Rating: 5/5 | Price: Free | Visit Cydia To Install This App

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