Get Alerts On iPhone When Selected Twitter Id Tweets

If you are a geek like me then you must be following lots of users on twitter and most of the times it is not possible to track all the tweets by them. So, what can be the smartest way to get to know about all the tweets for some of the important people in the list as soon as they tweet anything? Well, we at AppsToUse have a solution to it and this solution will help you to be notified whenever any of your selected users make a tweet. This is nothing complex, just a small setting on your iPhone twitter application.

I am a gadget freak and I always want to be notified when evleaks makes a tweet because when they make a tweet they actually tweet a news. So, I opened the application and then searched for their name in the search bar by tapping on the search icon and then writing the username.


Now select the user with the name and then get directed to its profile page and then tap the highlighted part on the screen.


Now select the appropriate option of ‘Turn On Notifications’. Now whenever they tweet you will be notified like any other application does and this makes it simpler for you to get rid of checking the tweets again and again through the day. If you feel that the user is making lots of tweets and you want to stop those notifications then follow the same steps as described above and then you will see just a different option in the last screen shot which will be ‘Turn Off Notifications’, select it to revert the settings.


Bonus Tip

Most of the times, a user usually retweets a lot and you might not want to see all those stuff because obviously you have not been following them for a certain reason. So, you can turn of all the retweets done by them with the appropriate option named ‘Turn Off Retweets’.

If you have any problem related to the Twitter application of iPhone or Android then please ask us by putting them in the comments section.

By Abhinav Singh

I am an MBA student and a founder member of NXTInsight. I love to keep the track of smartphones, tablets, wearables and other similar gadgets, so that I could help my readers to make the right decision before buying a gagdet.

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