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Sync Android Phone with iTunes Songs Library on WiFi

Admit it or not, using iTunes to manage music on the iPhone and iPad is actually a boon, especially if you have a huge music library and limited storage space on your device. While I would still prefer to use the old-school method of copy-pasting music files to my Android devices, it has become cumbersome now due to the lack of storage space on my Galaxy Nexus and my ever-updating music library.

I absolutely hate using iTunes to transfer content on my iPad, but for once I actually wanted something like iTunes for Android which could automatically sync my music library over Wi-Fi.

The good news is that there are quite a few apps and ways to sync your iTunes music library wirelessly or via wire with your Android device, and they are all effortless. One such popular app is DoubleSync, but it requires or rather forces users to use the company’s own music player – DoubleTwist.

iSyncr is another popular app in the Play Store that allows users to sync their iTunes music library with their Android devices over Wi-Fi or USB. The app does look ugly, but works flawlessly, and does not force users to use any other app in-conjunction with it.

How To Sync Your iTunes Library With Your Android Device Wirelessly

Step 1: Download iSyncr from the Play Store. If you are using a Windows based PC, make sure you download the PC version of the app. If you are using a Mac, download this version of iSyncr.

Step 2: The app also requires users to install an application on their Windows or Mac based PC, which can be downloaded from here (Windows) or here (Mac).

Step 3: Connect your Android device to the same Wi-Fi network that your PC or laptop is connected to. Then, start the iSyncr app on your device and tap the Wi-Fi button at the top.

Step 4: The app will automatically scan for all available iTunes library on your Wi-Fi network. Select your iTunes library from the list and you are good to go.

Step 5: Select the ‘Library’ option and wait for the app to load your music library. Keep in mind that if you have a big music library, the app will take considerable amount of time for iSyncr to list all the music files in your library.

Step 6: Once iSyncr lists all your music files, you can simply sync all the songs by pressing the ‘Sync Now’ button at the bottom. iSyncr will also list all your playlists, which you can effortlessly sync by just pressing the ‘Sync Now’ button.


Keep in mind that if you are going to sync a lot of music files, it is highly recommended that you use a USB cable instead of Wi-Fi as the transfer speed over Wi-Fi is extremely slow. iSyncr also allows you to sync music files from your phone to your Mac or PC. You can also specify the folder in which iSyncr stores all your music files from the ‘Settings’ tab of the app.

iSyncr also allows you to sync your videos and pictures from your phone with your PC, which can come in handy for quite a few people. The paid version of the app offers many other features including the ability to sync your music library at an pre-specified time.

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