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[How To] Download Facebook Friends Birthday, Events Info To Android Phone, Tablet

Unlike Windows Phone 7 and iOS, Android does not feature tight social network integration with any social network, except for Google+. However, Android as an OS is open enough to allow third party apps to hook integrate themselves completely into the OS via ‘Connections’. While most OEMs already include Facebook and Twitter syncing ability with their skin, stock Android is missing such feature.

The worst part is that Facebook removed the syncing ability from their official Facebook for Android app, due to a tiff with Google. This makes the new People’s app in Ice Cream Sandwich/Jelly Bean pretty much useless and empty without any status update of your friends or their high-resolution display pictures.

Thankfully, there are quite a few apps available in the Play Store that will sync your Facebook friends info with the People’s app in Android, including their status updates, high-resolution display pictures and phone numbers.

How To Sync Your Facebook Friends Info To Android’s People’s App

Step 1: While there are quite a lot of apps that can sync your Facebook friends info, HaxSync is by far the most popular and feature-rich, and at 1$ is worth every penny. Download and install the app on your Android 4.0+ device.

Step 2: Start Haxsync by going to Settings -> Add Account and then select Haxsync from the list. The app will instantly prompt you to login to Facebook.

Step 3: Once you have logged in, the app will tell you to install a workaround app. In Android 4.1.x Jelly Bean, there is a bug which will erase HaxSync from under Accounts Settings after you reboot your phone once. However, if you are running Android 4.0.x or Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, then you do not need to install this workaround app.

Step 4: Now, HaxSync will ask you whether you want to sync the contact information of all your Facebook friends to your Address book or only of those contacts that are already present in your address book. You can also sync your Facebook friends birthday with your phone, along with the Events.

And you are done! To make any sync related changes, you can go to Settings, and select Haxsync from under ‘Accounts’ and then tap the ‘Advanced Settings’ option.


While there are quite a few apps that can sync all your Facebook friends info, nothing comes close to Haxsync. The app is feature rich, and syncs all the contact information of your Facebook friends to Android’s People’s app, including their beautiful high-resolution display pictures.

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