Sync iPhone, iPad Music With Multiple iTunes Without Erasing Data

Apple does offer some great services but at the same time disappoints us by limiting some of the functionalities. For instance, iTunes is a great software to manage the music between your iPhone, iPod or iPad and the computer but the problem is that one cannot manage music on iTunes other than the one you are using currently.

Let us assume you are running iTunes on two separate machines and you manage your music on the first machine, then you cannot sync your music on the second machine which is a fact. But if you do wish to manage music on more than one machine, we have a solution for you.

PhoneAble is an extremely handy utility that carries the library key of your iPhone and applies it to other iTunes that you connect it with, allowing you to manage music on more than one machine. Managing is obviously different from Syncing and please keep in mind that the utility lets you manage music on multiple iTunes and not sync, so you can still sync music on the very first computer only.

Phoneable Windows

How To Manage Music On Multiple iTunes Using PhoneAble?

  • First of all, make a complete backup of your device on the primary computer
  • Install Phoneable on all the computer you wish your device to manage your music with
  • Now after making the backup, connect your device to the second computer, right click on it from the left pane and then select backup
  • After the backup is complete, close itunes and launch PhoneAble
  • Follow the steps given on utility‚Äôs interface
    • Backup your iPhone using iTunes
    • Set the key for iTunes using Set Key button
    • Now check by copying a file manually
  • Now open iTunes again, click on the device and from the Summary tab select Manually Manage Music And Videos and apply.

PhoneAble Windows 1


Now the app should allow manual music management and you can copy music on the very second computer. This procedure can be followed for all the other machines.

NOTE: This utility does not work with iTunes 10 and above as the later versions replace the key this tweak generates. But the developer promises to come up with an update soon.

App Requirements: Windows OS and iTunes

Conclusion: Nice utility but I wish it could work with the latest iTunes

Our Rating: 3.5/5 | Price: Free | Visit Developers Link To Install This App

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  • MultiTunes: This tweak which is available on Cydia, lets you sync your device with multiple iTunes. It definitely needs a jailbroken device, so stock devices cannot download it. Most interestingly the tweak is free which is not the case with other alternatives.

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