Celebrate Friendship Day With Adaptxt


Friendship day is just a way among several other occasions to celebrate togetherness. True friends celebrate it every day though a day has been named just to ensure the importance of friends.

Adaptxt, a gesture based typing keyboard app for Android powered by predictive Text2.0 engine, have came up with an idea of fun filled activities on social media which will help in connecting your friends better on this Friendship day.

On social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, Adaptxt are organising contests which can win you special Adaptxt gift hampers. On Facebook you can participate by taking part in a contest wherein you will have to design a Friendship day key board theme. You can start off the design for a Friendship day theme on Adaptxt Facebook page. The winner design will be showcased on the official Adaptxt website and the winner gets exciting Adaptxt gift hamper too.

On twitter there is another contest in progress. All you need to do is simply answer the question “Friendship for me is —–” and do not forget to tag it with #adaptxtfriend4u. No matter you win or loose, participation will matter and you can discover a new you while trying to answer such questions.

If you are still not using Adaptxt on your Android you must not be making the most out of your Android phone/tablet. The app dramatically improves the ability to input ideas, words or even commands in the Android phones/tablets.



Adaptxt Now Offers Comprehensive Words For Typing Help For Your Profession Through Their Android Keyboard

We have already talked about Adaptxt and we know that it has the feature of increasing the size of the keys and the making it colorful by customizing the themes. In short this is the best keyboard panel available on Google Play Store after Sline Keyboard application. But its seems that they have updated themselves and came up with some new features which includes the pack of pre-defined words which are usually related to the business world and cannot be found in an English dictionary easily.


Let us talk about these features in detail. This app provides 35 industry-specific dictionaries, which no other default keyboard has. Adaptxt users will no longer need to create their own dictionaries for their profession and can be saved by the torture of autocorrect. This saves a lot of time as well as money of the users. The Adaptxt legal dictionary includes more than 6,000 words.


If a professional takes around 11.1 hours to write 4,000 words over a year, then accordingly each word utilizes about 10 seconds including typing and overriding the keyboard’s correction. As there are a lot of associates and partners in law firms and government agencies with hundreds of legal professionals, therefore the time taken by them for manual entry will be saved, as time being luxury to them.

It offers 78 language dictionaries, uses artificial intelligence to detect unique words and phrases that each user uses oftenly and adds them to a custom dictionary. Adaptxt is different from predictive solutions, which simply search for a match and then automatically changes what a user type, resulting in making the user go back and manually correct the platform’s mistake. It is available for free on Google Play Store, each industry dictionary is available for 54 INR.


Adaptxt Adapts the Way You to Want to Type on Your Smart Phone

For the smartphone user who love to chat on their smartphone throughout the day will definitely love this application named Apaptxt which is available for free on Play Store (but with many restrictions, you can get rid of those restrictions once you pay and become the premium members of that application). Well there are many reasons due to which it will make typing fun and thus you will not be able to stop yourself from typing more and long.

If you are using that application for free, you will have 3 themes in which you can switch your keyboard, now these themes will not only change your keypad in terms of looks but also in terms of feel. I am using Xperia and I usually feel that hepatic feedback on my phone is little bit more than usual but this application helped to reduce that effect to a certain extent on its own.

Apart from this the sounds for key tapping will be changes to some other sound and in all the keypad will look new, another good thing is that when you will want to use the special characters or the punctuation marks then you usually have to press a key at the left hand side bottom corner to change the layout and then you get to choose those characters. In this keyboard pattern you will see those punctuation characters at the top of the main alphabets written on the keyboard and to choose them you will have to tap and hold those alphabet keys.

For the premium users, you can change the width of the suggestion bar where you see the suggestion for the pressed keys on the keyboard and you can also change the lay of the keys on the keyboard like changing the position of the keys on the keyboard. You can also change the style of the keys on the keyboard and the size of the keys on the keyboard.

Being a paid user you can also enable the option to customize the colors of the keyboard in the way you want to and apart from these a free user can also choose to have the keyboard of any language he prefers to use like Chinese, Japanese, English UK and others. You can download more themes but all the other extra themes can be download after buying them at 0.99$ USD.

You can install Adaptxt from Play Store

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Adaptxt Keyboard For Android Bring Personalized Mixed Language Keyboard For You

Have you felt like typing in your own local language in android, if yes then you should know about a free beta app which has been recently rolled released on android google playstore, this app called Adaptxt support both android tablets and mobile phones.

KeyPoint Technologies which is the company behind the Adaptxt has created this app and it provides text entry assistance on Android devices. Creating faster, smarter & fluid texting in 68 languages, ‘Adaptxt’ is developed to provide valuable features like smart and predictive texting on an Android device.


The first time you run this app after installing it from android market – it will tell you about what it can do in the first welcome screen that it can allows you to install 21 new languages, wikipedia lookup and you can swipe on the space bar to change the language on the keyboard and you can simply delete words with one single tap.

Keyboard Languages You Can Download

When it comes to languages, you have a large number of languages to choose from in order to personalize your android device keyboard.  


You can easily switch to the android adaptxt keyboard by long tap press on a text box and then select the adaptxt keyboard.


For Indian android mobile users it offers Hinglish which is a combination of hindi and english and Banglish which is a combination of Bangla and English. It provides some really nice and relevant next word prediction, next word prediction, automatic learning, error-correction & word completion inputs by combining the best of artificial intelligence and computing technology.

Wikipedia Lookup – You can easily press on word for the wikipedia lookup.


Another good security feature added to adaptxt keyboard is that it does not learn password so you can sure about typing password from this keyboard inside any app.


Compatibility with Android Versions?

This keyboard can be installed on android devices running Froyo 2.2 or higher so we can say broadly it supports almost all old and new android devices and offers extensive language and industry specific dictionary add-ons for android users, making texting and typing in multiple languages on the device keyboard very easy.  

Adaptxt Features and Options

It does offer a lot of features like Add on Manager, themes and layout to make keyboard look different, the keyboard also adapts with the font you have selected on your android device. You can enable the auto correction mode and you can enable to show the accent bubbles and yes you also have the facility to type with voice and you can also do continuous swipe finger typing but this application will get this feature in next update.  


ATR – Automatic Shortcut Replacement

You also have automatic shortcut replacement which you see on iOS devices, with this app you can enjoy this feature under which you can specify some text as shortcut to write a long or short sentence


Download Adaptxt For Android Smart Phones | Adaptxt For Android Tablets | Cost = Free


To conclude this can be one of the best app for many students out there as they can type as fast they can if they install this keyboard on their android phones, and more important in their own local language mixed with english.