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Play Youtube Videos In Small Floating Window Over Other Apps

Samsung is one of the brands which has been exploring android for quite a while now but rather than keeping it simple and original, it has taken the operating system to the next level. The most recent advancement or I would rather say modification, that Samsung has brought to the OS is the multi-tasking feature. In simple words, one can use two applications simultaneously, positioned in the upper and lower half of the screen, and this drastically reduces the user effort.

For Youtube lovers, the pop up player is of utter advantage as while browsing or typing a message or taking notes, you can watch youtube videos in a pop up window. Being a high end Android device possessor myself, it really made me think why can’t I enjoy youtube videos without having to buy Samsung device. If you really think like me and want to flaunt your device while watching youtube videos in a small window, without installing any multi tasking hacks, then I have a working solution for you.

How To Watch Youtube Videos In A Floating Window On Any Android Device

Step 1: The very first step is to actually install an application from the Play Store called Floating YouTube Popup Video. It is available for free so you do not have to worry about spending even a single penny.


Step 2: The next step is to open the official YouTube application and open a video that you wish to watch in a floating window. Here in the image below i have opened a video in landscape mode, but you can open the video in portrait mode too.


Step 3: Now tap on the Share button which is the second button from the left (starting from the end of the title). When you hit the share button a number of options appear. Scroll down to the bottom until you see the Floating Youtube Player icon (look in the image below). Lastly, tap on it.


Step 4: Immediately as you tap on the icon, the Youtube app will minimize and will be replaced by a small floating window. The window can be dragged and resized (using two fingers) as per your requirement and the screen size. As visible in the image below, i am using the default browser and the Youtube video is playing in the window floating right above the browser interface.


From the floating window itself, one can forward or rewind the video, switch HD on and off and even open the video back in the Youtube app by tapping on the button present on the top right corner.


The app is a smart alternative to the Samsung pop up Youtube video feature and works pretty well. If the window had a Youtube search feature, it would have been a great app altogether. But considering the fact that it does its job pretty well and is available for free, the app is a must have on your device.


Facebook Chat Heads Usage Guide [Android]

So Facebook Home has been launched and for all the phones which were not in the compatibility list also have the provision to use this application by Facebook but the phones who have Facebook applications pre-installed on their mobile phones will not be able to use it. The most attractive feature of Facebook Home was the chatheads which is now available in all the Android smartphones with the upgrade of Facebook Messenger. Here in this post we will tell you that how these Chatheads work on your Android smartphone.

Just update the Facebook Messenger from the Play store and then this feature will automatically get enabled. When anyone will ping you then you will see the notification as mentioned in the screenshot below.


If more than 1 user have pinged on you on Facebook Messenger and you have not seen them, then you will see the chatheads piled up upon one another with the last ping at the top of the pile. Just tap the chathead and they will be . You will see the window to chat in the Facebook messenger right below the chathead. You reply to the chat right there or you can tap on the highlighted icon to open the Facebook messenger application.


If you have read the chats and you want to delete those chatheads then just tap and drag them, you will see a ‘X’ symbol at the bottom center of the screen. Drag and place the chathead on that cross and then it will be deleted.


So these are all the features included in chatheads, the most attractive part is the new UI experience offered to the users by these chatheads. Even if you do not have Facebook Home on your phone, you will have the its best feature of Chatheads on your Android phone.


Install Facebook Home on Any Android Phone

So today we are here to talk about the installation of Facebook Home on the phones which are not available in the compatible list on Facebook Home application, well we have certain clue about it that developers will definitely find their way to avoid this check and use this APK on all the Android phones.


Before proceeding further I must say that this tweak for the installation of Facebook Home will not application on the Xperia phones or any other phone which have Facebook as their pre-installed application because before starting with this tweak you will have to uninstall the Facebook application and if it is attached to your phone at the pre-installed application then you will not be able to uninstall it.


First of all install all the Facebook applications which you have on your phone like Facebook Messenger, Facebook Application or the APK file of Facebook Home which you have tried to install. Once you uninstall all the applications, download these APK files for a patched version of Facebook Application, Facebook Messenger and Facebook Home. The links for all the three are mentioned here.

Facebook Main Applications PATCHED [here]

Facebook Messenger Applications PATCHED [here]

Facebook Home Applications PATCHED [here]

Install these 3 applications in the sequence and then launch the Facebook Main Application, and as soon as you open the Facebook Application you will see the new message for the integration of Facebook Home with your Android skin on your phone.


That’s it, Facebook Home will work on your Android phone (pre-condition: Your mobile phone should have Facebook as the pre-installed application like in the case of Sony Xperia S). Even if you tried to do the same with the phones which have Facebook Applications as the pre-installed apps then you will see the message as described above.

[ Source – Modaco ]


Norton Mobile Security For Android Provides Remote Lock, Locate and Wipe Data [App Review]

Norton Mobile Security is already available for on playstore for free for all android phones running android 2.2 or higher, however it’s the lite version which is available for free which protects your Android phones and tablets from theft, malware and viruses. Remotely locate your lost or stolen device. Scan your new apps, SD cards, new downloads, and app updates for malware and viruses. Easily control the protection for all your devices through one website.


We tested the full version of Norton Mobile Security for android and we found it is a really a nice protection tool for android phones as these days there are potential harmful apps which one might see on android playstore some of them will try to inject ads in notifications and some other apps may try to damage the system files on your android phone. Norton Mobile Security Lite with antivirus protects your Android phones and tablets from theft, malware and viruses. Remotely locate your lost or stolen device. Scan your new apps, SD cards, new downloads, and app updates for malware and viruses. Easily control the protection for all your devices through one website.

To start, firstly the first welcome screen of the app is quite simple and easy to understand, you can see if there are any malware detected any where on your android phone including the memory card, you can also decide what phone should do in case of theft so that you get the alerts, you have the option to backup the data in case of virus infection to another phone or SD card, you also have the option to block calls and you can also block webpages in the browser on android.


Under anti malware, you will see if there is any risk or you can run an instant malware or virus scan and you can also schedule the scan.


Under anti theft options you can set the option to remote lock the phone, make the device ring loud, locate your phone if it is on, take screenshot of the webpages visited and you can also remotely wipe all the data you have on your phone.


Under call blocking you can add numbers from which you don’t want to receive a phone call.


You can also block webpages to open


The full version of Norton Mobile Security offers more protection from theft, malware, viruses, and mobile spam. Remotely lock and erase your stolen device if necessary, to ensure your private information stays that way. Back up your important contacts and easily restore them across your devices. You can upgrade to the full version of Norton Mobile Security for $29.99

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Add Text Notes on Android Home Screen With Floating Stickies [App Review]

Windows 7 has been one of the preferred operating systems for a couple of years not just because how well it performs but also for its features. One of the most basic yet interesting feature is the sticky notes which can be placed anywhere on the computer screen without creating any interruption or disturbance to the work you are doing.

But that’s all exclusive to the windows operating system only. Is it? The interesting part of the story is that an application called Floating Stickies is available on the play store which offers you the same win-7 like sticky notes on your Android device. As the name of the app suggests, the sticky notes are floating in nature which means you can drag and place them anywhere on the screen.

Just like the sticky notes in Windows 7, the floating stickies too come in a couple of different colors which aside from helping you remember something, also makes the screen look colorful.

How To Add Win 7 Like Sticky Notes On Your Android Device

Step 1: Since we are talking about an application, you will have to open the Play Store application on your android device and download Floating Stickies.


Step 2: As soon as the application gets installed on your device, a full screen size help window window will appear on the screen. This very help window is self explanatory and gives you an overview of the all the features, like dragging the notes around the screen, or resizing them using two finger pinch zoom in and out etc. Hit the OK button at the bottom right corner and you are good to go. Hitting the Ok button will bring a small sticky note window on the home screen.


To add a note what you are supposed to do, is tap in the middle of the sticky and the keyboard will slide into the screen. Add whatever text you wish to show on the note and to dismiss the keyboard, just tap anywhere outside the sticky. To add a new sticky, you can hit the + button present at the top left corner of the first sticky window. If you wish to copy, paste , or even share a piece of text, tap on the arrow down button next to the + button.


In the images above, I have added three sticky notes and have resized them to cover almost the whole screen. As you can see two the notes are of the same color while the third of a different one – you cannot change the color of a sticky or add one of your desired color as the application gives a random color on its own. The notes, as you can see, float over the home screen and the app drawer, and the applications too.

Last but not the least, the home screen sticky notes can be docked to the left of the screen by dragging them toward the left edge. As soon as you bring a sticky to the left edge, the window will disappear into the edge with a pencil replacing it to tell you presence of the sticky. To bring the a sticky back on the screen just tap on the pencil or drag it toward the middle of the screen.


The app is really helpful in remembering important things and the fact that the notes actually float over every possible interface, is simply appreciable. Performance wise there have been no issues while we tested the app, which clearly shows how friendly this useful app is. Floating Stickies can be downloaded for free which means it is definitely worth trying.

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[How To] Auto Update All or Specific Apps On Android Phone, Tablet

Google’s Play Store might be lagging behind Apple’s iOS AppStore in terms of quality apps and games, but in terms of features and usability, it simply blows the latter out of the water. Unlike the iOS AppStore, Play Store features automatic updating of apps, the ability to refund apps within 15 minutes of purchasing them, delta updates and much more.

Delta updates is a big life and data saver because when a developer updates his app, users are not forced to download the whole installation file of the app again. Instead, the Play Store only downloads and installs the relevant or the updated part. For example, you download a game whose APK size is 48MB, and which then downloads additional files of around 1GB in size.

The next time the developer updates the game, instead of downloading the whole 1GB of game data or the 48MB APK, Play Store will only download certain ‘updated’ parts of the APK, thus saving users precious amount of mobile data usage. Delta app updates, along with automatic updating of apps, means Android users will never have to worry about manually updating apps on their Android devices.

Automatically Update Applications On Android

Users can either decide to automatically update all their apps in the Play Store when an update is available, or only selected apps.

To automatically update all your apps, open Play Store, and press the ‘Menu’ button on your Android device or the 3-dots at the top right corner of the screen.

From the drop-down menu, select ‘Settings’ and then select the “Auto-Update Apps” option. If you don’t have an unlimited 3G or 2G data plan, it would be recommend to auto-update apps only on Wi-Fi so that you don’t cross your monthly mobile data limit. Select the third option from the Settings menu i.e. “Update over Wi-Fi only” to make sure that your apps are only updated when you are connected to a Wi-Fi network.

If you don’t want to be notified about app updates, since you have turned on auto-updates for all your apps, disable the “Notifications” option from the Settings menu.

Auto Update Selective Apps On Android

If you only want to auto-update certain apps, open the app listing from Play Store and then select the “Allow Automatic Updating” option.


If you never want to be bothered about updating your Android apps or devices, the Play Store options will duly fulfill your wish. With features and options like delta updates and the ability to update your apps only via Wi-Fi only, Google clearly knows that mobile data is precious and costly affair.