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[3-Must Apps List] Watchout, Neatly and Repix

This section will include the three applications which have been randomly selected and primarily which may end up satisfying three different needs of the users. As a short preface, I would say that today we have covered an application for the Twitter lovers, this application will give them a new interface and few more parameters to be busy with while tweeting on Twitter. Another application helps you to take a look at the 2 screen at the same time and this application is at-least really useful for me. The third one is an image editing tool (not the ordinary one).

App-#1 Neatly For Twitter

This application is for the Twitter lovers, most of the times when we enter the section of trends we do not get the trend topics of our interest. But this application will make sure that the trends which is really favorite to you should be attached to you all the time. You can also check the relationship between you and any of your followers or any other person at random. So, if that personal tweets usually about the same interest of yours then you can actually follow him.


Moreover the new interface also looks pretty cool to me and change in the UI colors is always (once in a while). The only you might have to bear with is the rare of loading of the new tweets. I don’t follow much of the people so I don’t have any clue about it.

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App-#2 Watchout

If you are really into the news articles all the time, then I am sure that while watching the TV shows or the movies you must be minimizing the episodes for a while and then checking the window. It may also happen that you are watching a wonderful movie and suddenly someone pings you for some urgent chat on your smartphone. This application will help you to do both the things at the same time and so you will not even have to pause the movie while chatting with your friends on your phone.


A small section of your screen will be available for the real time camera footage by your smartphone. So, you will be able to watch your laptop from that section. Now, I know that there is not point of watching a good movie from that but hey!! That’s only for few minutes right (you can manage that) and look at the best part you will not have to pause the show and spoil the fun part.

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App-#3 Repix

Now if you do not know much about the editing for the photos, then I will recommend not to use this application because there are other good alternatives available for you. This application is meant for pro (who are actually good at Photoshop) and can understand the meaning of all the effects that application provides. This application has good number of tools which can make slightest and perfect changes which are very difficult to differentiate by simple looking at it.

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[App Of The Day #3] Kurrency-Convert your Currency on Real-Time Value

The reason I am writing about this application is because it is very simple to use this application and moreover this application does not have large number of features assembled into once which usually turns off large number of users (when these features are not aligned properly in the application). This application can help you to convert currency on the basis of the real time value. So, it will be a great application for the people working in forex department with iPhones as their smartphone.


The whole application can be used from its primary screen, as you can see that the values are supposed to be filled in the slots available for the amount of the money to be converted. You can also select the type of currency and every time you do the conversion it will check for the present value using your internet and then tell you the answer.


You can also save the currency conversions (which you use most frequently). I am using this application because I love to keep track that which country is selling the cheapest tablet or smartphone. Let’s say, iPhone is usually cheaper in US as compared to India and same is with the case of televisions when the rates in Dubai (UAE) and India are compared.

The application will also keep the track of the history of conversions which has been done on it. So, you can actually see the difference in the value of 100 INR in USD yesterday and today. A quick method to know that how much could have been saved/or already saved on 450USD when spending it in INR. Please let me know if you face any issue while using this application (though I am sure you will not).

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