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Facebook Messenger Lets You Do Facebook Chat For iPhone, iPad

With this new update of the Facebook application for iOS and Android, you must have noticed that Chat option has excluded from it, as it was not working properly with the previous version. I noticed most of the times that if you are using the phone on 2G network then, chat option used to show a error message quoting that there might be some problem with the network on your phone.

With the new upgrade in the Facebook application, its interface looks quite similar to the one on the browser on your computer and now when they have excluded the ‘Chat’ part from the application; they have released another application which has been especially dedicated to this feature of chatting and messaging to your Facebook Friends. In this post I will review about this new application released by Facebook.

First of all you will have to login with the credentials of Facebook into the application and then it will remain logged in, until and unless you manually logout, then you will see all the recent chats done by your with your friends.




Using the Gear sing on the left, you can change the settings of this application, all the options under the settings tab are self explanatory, but if you still face any problem while altering any of them then you can put that question in the comments section.


With the help of that icon with a page and a pen, upon tabbing that option you will all the friends in the chat list, they will be divided in the similar way as they are on your Facebook page on your computer browser. All the friends with whom you chat quite frequently will be shown on the top of the list and then all the other online friends will be shown below.


Key Features of Facebook messenger

  • Send messages instantly to other friends who have Messenger
  • Chat with friends who are on Facebook
  • Get free push notifications for incoming messages
  • Add location and photos to messages
  • Reach friends via text message if they don’t have Messenger yet
  • Access sent and received messages on both Messenger and Facebook
  • Create group conversations for making plans on the go
  • Add more friends to group conversations at any time
  • Control alert and location settings for each conversation.

App Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.

Our Rating: 3.5/5 | Price: Free | Visit Apple Store Link To Install This App

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Ebuddy Pro Provides Auto Reply Message From iPhone To Gtalk, Yahoo Messenger

All the iPhone users must be annoyed with a single reason that they do not have any specific application for Google Talk  and many of us who generally use GMail and have most of their contacts on it and so they would love to be reachable to them through GTalk. So today we will be telling you about an alternative which can help you to do the same (not only for GTalk but for any other IM)

This application is not only a replacement for GTalk but it can also replace other social messaging accounts also like MSN messenger, Facebook, Yahoo Messenger, MySpace and few more. Now either you can install applications for all these messengers separately on your phone or you can use this application named eBuddy Pro Messenger to connect to all those messengers from a single point.

When you will launch this application for the first time then you will have to create an eBuddy ID and then sign-in to the accounts of the messenger which you want to connect with this application, in my case I have connected to my GMail account.


Now on the buddies list, you will be able to see all the buddies from the account which has been connected to eBuddy Pro Messenger. The screenshot has been mentioned below.


If any new chat comes to you or if you initiate any chat with anyone then you will be able to see that chat in ‘Chat’ tab on the application (mentioned in the screenshot).


Under the settings section you can select you status on the chat list, you can also decide whether you want to receive the notifications for every message or you want them on every new chat. You can also decide that how the friends should be represented on your chat list. If you want to personalize your application then you can also select any other themes available in the Settings section and you can also have the option to auto-correct the spelling mistakes.



If you want then you can also set the auto-generated message while you are away on this application. In the Settings section, you can see a field named Auto-Reply just tap that field, in this section you can put that auto-generated message and it will display that message whenever you are away.

If you want to put any Status Message like you do in GTalk then you can just tap on your name mentioned at the top in the Buddies section (refer the screenshot as the area has been highlighted). A new window will appear as mentioned in the screenshot, In the Message section you can put that status message and it will display that message below your status.



Please let us know if you face any problem while using any of the features of this tool. The key features of this tool has been mentioned below:-

Key Features of Ebuddy Pro

  • Auto-Reply whenever you are Away.
  • A Single Chat client for all the IMs.
  • Notified whenever a New chat pokes you.
  • Can share Images and Text Arts with your friends on Chat.
  • Can set the nicknames of any user in our chat list.

App Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later.

Our Rating: 4/5 | Price: $6.99 | Visit Apple Store Link To Install This App

[ This App Comes For Android –YES , Download Similar App For Android From here ]