Clean Master App Review

Whenever our Android phones gets slowed down, our first step is to do a clean of junk files and caches. These are some unnecessary files which get stored on your phone when applications execute. This can be a hectic task for some but thankfully Android has even an app for this too.

Clean Master

Although there are several apps (like App Cache Cleaner and History Eraser) but Clean Master caught our attention because somehow the Clean Master felt like a complete solution for cleaning our android phone.



Clean Master sports a very neat design and in spite of carrying whole lot of features the interface doesn’t look cluttered.

The main interface shows informations related to space available at your internal and external storage. Then there are four sections: Junk Files, Privacy, Tasks, App Manager.

Although in a sense all four of these are useful enough but it is advisable that you don’t use an external task killer. Why because Android is quiet self sufficient in managing running processes.

Clean Cache and Residual files

Head over to Junk files section and clear off the cache and residual files with a tap. No rocket science needed.


Clear Privacy Items

Next head over to privacy screen which lets you remove things like your internet browsing history, call logs, smes and other things. Just to make note in case you want your call logs to be retained at your device you should deselect it.


Uninstall and Back Up Applications

Now there is an inbuilt Uninstaller in the clean master which can be either used to uninstall the app or back up the current app. Pretty useful in the scenario when you prefer the older versions of some apps over the newer ones.


A reminder can also be set for you to clear the cache from the settings.


What’s more is, the Clean Master app also comes with a beautiful widget that tells you usage statistics with an option to clean it up.

Screenshot_2013-08-21-22-27-51 (2)

As mentioned earlier, the Clean Master app is one of those cleaning apps for android which serves the purpose satisfactorily. And since the app is freely available at Google Play Store, you should give it a try.

Clean Master (Cleaner) (Free) | Google Play Store

Android Tips

How To Make Android Phone, Tablet Run Faster By Deleting Cache Files

Android devices nowadays generally come with 16 or 32GB of internal memory that is shared by all the installed apps on the device as well as your media files. Initially, the storage space might be sufficient, but over time, as you keep on installing and deleting apps, transferring music etc., the free storage space is reduced to an absolute minimum.

Instead of deleting your precious photos or music files, you can simply use an app like Clean Master to delete the cache of all your installed and uninstalled applications and other redundant files to free some precious space on your Android device. If you have not completely formatted your Android device since quite sometime, you can easily gain up to 1GB or more of free space by just using Clean Master.

Think of Clean Master as the CCleaner of Android. The app basically clears the caches of apps, deletes all the junk files left by apps that have been uninstalled and other redundant files to free up the internal memory on your handset.

How To Free Up Space On Your Android Device Using Clean Master

Step 1: Install and start Clean Master from the Play Store on your Android Device.

The first screen that you will be greeted with will be something similar to this -:


Step 2: Select the ‘History’ option and wait for Clean Master to scan your device. This option will scan your Android device for all the cache files created by various apps, including the Android OS itself.


If you do not want to clear the cache of any specific app, de-select it by tapping on the checkbox near its name. This option also clears all the image files that you might have received on Whatsapp.  By default, the Whatsapp images are not cleared. Nevertheless, if you don’t require them, it is recommended to clear them.

Once you have de-selected all the apps whose cache you don’t want to clear, press the ‘Clean’ button on the bottom and wait for Clean Master to do its job.

Step 3: Next, select the ‘Residual Files’ option from the main screen of the app. This option scans the internal memory of your Android device for all the game or app data files left behind by your uninstalled apps or games. For example, most of the high-quality games on Android nowadays require an additional download of 100MB to anywhere up to 2GB after downloading and installing the initial APK from the Play Store.


However, when the game is uninstalled, the data files are not deleted, thus occupying precious space on your Android device. Clean Master will scan your Android device for all these files and then provide you with an option to delete them.

Step 4: Last, but not the least, use the ‘Temp APKs’ option to find out all the APKs files that you may have downloaded from the internet on your device.

Clean Master will categorize the APKs on whether they are installed on your Android device or not. You can now de-select the APKs you want to keep on your device, and delete the rest by tapping the ‘Clean’ button at the bottom.


Clean Master also has an inbuilt Task Killer. However, using Task killers or managers is a strict no-no in Android, and this option should not be used. While Clean Master claims that you can save battery by killing off the unneeded process, this is not the case. Once a task killer in Android kills a background process, the process automatically restarts itself thus consuming precious CPU cycles.