Save Hardcopy Of a Document as the Digital Copy on Evernote

Most of us have been using Cam Scanner Pro, in order to save the hard copy of the documents digitally on your iPhone or anywhere on the cloud. Today I will be giving you a decent alternative to this feature and that with the help of a very famous application named as Evernote, where in you can save the hardcopy of any document with full clarity on your Evernote cloud account. Please follow the steps mentioned below to do this.

Open the Evernote application and there you will see the three quick icons to create three different types of notes. Tap the third icon to take the photo of the document. So, prior to tapping this button, it is recommended that you should be ready with the document placed under your iPhone.


Take the image and then tap the tick-mark icon, if you want to have continuous shots then you can turn the page of the document and click the camera icon again and then finally tap the ‘tick-mark’ icon to save the document in the notes. If you are a free account then you will be having a restriction of 60 MB upload per month. So, it is recommended to keep the pages of the document in mind and not to make it too heavy.


Once you are over with the taking the image, the images will be uploaded on your Evernote account. This tutorial may be helpful for the users who do not prefer to have large number of applications on their iPhone and they do not use this feature much to have an application all the time on their iPhone. Please let us know if you face any problem while following the steps.


Add Shortcuts for Quick Access to Notes in Evernote

Today, in this post I will be telling you about a new feature which has been recently added in the Evernote application and it is a must for all the users who use Evernote all the time for keeping the notes and especially when they are already having a bunch of them which is enough to confuse them while they are searching for a particular note on the screen. So, let us that how can you create the shortcuts of the notes or add them to the favorite section on your Evernote application for iOS. Open the application and then follow the steps mentioned below.

First of all try to locate the note manually which is being very difficult for you to find and once it is located, open the note and then tap the star shaped icon which will turn yellow once it is tapped. This means that the particular note has been marked as favorite and now come back to the main screen of the application.


Now tap the highlighted region which will take you to the favorite section and there you will see that the same note which was marked as favorite will be here at the top, recently added.


My sincere suggestions will be to tell you that you should avoid making this section crowded else again it will be difficult for you to search the important note among the favorites. Please let us know if you face any problem while following up with this tutorial.


Evernote Food New Features for iOS and Android Users

Evernote Food has been updated for Android and iPhone users to their second main version Food 2.0 and with the similar features on both the platforms. Now you will have the feature to search for the famous eating outlet nearby and moreover you will be able to search for the new recopies by simply typing the name or typing the ingredients.


Moreover apart from searching you will be able to create your own list in which all the search results can be saved. The Application will use you location to tell you about the nearest eating outlet and you can zoom out of the map to see more search results corresponding to the area shown on the map.


The search results will be shown on the map with their icon tagged on it, so you will know whether that place is just for a coffee hangout or it’s just for burger and snacks. So they have made it better by introducing some of the features which will usually see in Zomato and as we would also like to mention that once you have located the eating outlet you can reserve the table on that outlet, if the option is available.

They launched this application one year back and it’s already being equipped such a larger number of features which not only allow the users to save their experience about food but also explore the new experience.

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Evernote Hello iPhone App Review – A New Way To Say Hello

If you travel a lot then it is quite obvious that you will be meeting new people again and again and it becomes really difficult nowadays to remember their names or other information about them. First thing which you might do on your Facebook is sending friend request to new people whom you have met, but then still it is not necessary you may find them there due to redundancy in the names.

To get over this problem, Evernote has developed an application which will help you to save all the encounters which happens with you throughout the day. Its simple interface will help you to save important information about those people and will help you from getting embarrassed (when you forget their names).

Evernote Hello

One launching the application Evernote will ask you to login using a previous account or to create one. Once your crate an account you will receive a confirmation e-mail from Evernote and the screen will appear as mentioned below. Now, this application will not let you proceed until you fill your important details related to your contact information.


Once you are done with these, you can start with adding about your first encounter with a person. Now there are three option with the help of which you can create an encounter, if you do not know that person or even if you know but you do not have his/her contact details then you can use the first 2 options to enter the contact information but if you already know that person and you have his contact then you can add him from the contact list (through third option).


You will see that home screen of this application will change and now your first encounter with any person will appear. Second time, if you meet that same person again then you will tap the same encounter icon on the home page then tap ‘DONE’. Remember that the application will put the recent encounters first followed by the older encounters.


Now if you are adding new contact information then the screen will appear as mentioned below and where you will add the info.


While adding a photo for the contact 4 consecutive shots will be taken and merged to take out the best appearance of the person. The screen is mentioned below.


Let me also tell you that every time while adding an encounter, the location details will also be added to that encounter. You can delete any of the encounter by tapping the cross icon and then confirming it will ‘OK’.

Evernote: Hello

You can take a look at the video mentioned above, to get a better understanding about the importance of the tool.

Some Similar Applications

Since this application can be understood as a better way to save your contacts on your iPhone, so here are some other paid and free applications which can help you to do the same but in a whole different way.

  • CamCard Lite:- It can save the Business cards of people by taking a click at them and you can share all the info via mail, QR Codes or SMS. Along with this you can export the contacts onto an excel sheet and search and send invitations on Linkedin. I think these are quite good features for a free application.
  • Business Card Reader:- It will again scan the business cards but it will not save them in an image format, rather it will recognize the text and then put that card into its own defined contact format. This app will cost you around $5.
  • WorldCard Mobile:- It is one of the highly appreciated application which can do the same as mentioned above, along with the support for 16 international languages. It also offers you to merge any 2 cards  and create them quickly at any point of time. This application boasts a lot in its description and it will cost your around $7.


It is an unique application to save the encounters, it will help you to remember the time, location and the people you have met at any point of time, which in return can help you to remember lots of things related to those encounters. Please let us know your feedbacks in comments section.

Our Rating: 3.5/5 | Price: Free | Visit Apple Store Link To Install This App, Get this app for Android from here