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Easily Hide Apps inside Go Launcher EX

I don’t need to write much about the Go Launcher EX as the 100,000,000+ downloads speak volumes. It is likely that you too must have come across this feature rich launcher on your Android Phone sometime or most likely using it right now.

Here is an explanation of a built in feature of Go Launcher EX that will help you to hide apps and maintain privacy and security on your phone more smoothly.

How to hide Apps in Go Launcher EX

So, for this tutorial i believe that you have already installed this feature rich Go Launcher EX from play store. Next, go to home, and tap the settings. (See screenshot below)


Tap the hide app option.


Now you will be presented with the list of all the apps which are installed in the phone. You can simply tap the apps to select them. You can select as many apps you wanted. That’s it. Your apps are hidden and won’t be visible in the main menu.


To access the hidden apps you will have to go to hide apps menu once again. Also you can add further apps to the hidden area by pressing the ‘plus’ icon.


If you are willing to spend some bucks you can also have a security lock for individual apps. Tap the lock button to know more.



The tip might come handy when you want to protect certain apps from public use, or prevent in-app purchasing from your children or kins. The in-built feature of the launcher also saves your phone from downloading an additional app to perform the same function.

Android Tips

[How To] Hide Apps In Android Phone, Tablet In Apps Drawer

We all hate people who keep pestering around with our Android devices and invade our privacy. We all have some *ahem ahem* apps installed on our Android phones or tablets that we don’t want others to see. Worst? Someone’s kid takes over your phone and starts playing Angry Birds. Now, we all know kids are cute and adorable, but let’s face it, once they start playing a game, they simply don’t stop.

Thankfully, there are a bunch of apps available in the Play Store via which users can hide certain apps from the app drawer.

How To Hide Certain Apps From The App Drawer

While there are a bunch of apps in the Play Store that will lock an app or hide it for you, they are all pretty clumsy. I use a third party launcher called Nova Launcher which has an in-built feature to hide apps from the app drawer.

Step 1: Download Nova Launcher from the Play Store. Keep in mind that this will replace your existing launcher or home screen. If it does not, tap the ‘Home’ button on your Android device and select Nova Launcher from the dialog box that pops up and then tap the ‘Always’ option.

Step 2: Open the App Drawer, and press the Menu button on your device or the 3 dots at the top-right corner of the screen.

Step 3: Tap the ‘Drawer’ option and then scroll down to select the ‘Hide Apps’ option. From the list of apps that opens up, select the apps that you want to hide from your app drawer.

Step 4: Once you have selected all the apps that you want to hide, simply exit the Nova Launcher settings menu by pressing the back button. And you are done!

So what if you want to access the apps that you have hidden?

Nova Launcher has a very nifty feature – Gestures and Buttons – that quickly allows you to access certain settings, trigger an action or launch an app by doing a specified gesture on your homescreen. Access the ‘Gestures and Buttons’ option from within Nova Launcher’s Settings menu.

I would recommend users to select a gesture to launch their hidden apps that cannot be easily replicated, accidentally, like swiping up or down with two fingers or rotating your fingers clockwise or anti-clockwise on your homescreen.


The only downside to using Nova Launcher to hide apps is that there are only a limited number of gestures via which you can launch an app. On the flip side, the ability to launch your hidden apps by a simple gesture on the home screen is much more easier than entering a passcode every time.

Other launcher apps on the Play Store including Apex Launcher, GoLauncher Ex and ADW Launcher also have the ability to hide installed apps from the Play store. So, you don’t necessarily need to ditch your favorite launcher and shift to Nova Launcher to hide your apps.