Things To Note While Using iMessage

iMessage is a new feature which was introduced as a new feature of iOS 5.0. This is very much similar to Blackberry BBM, with the only difference that BBM requires a different data transfer pack as it does not run on normal EDGE but iMessage can work on Wi-Fi, 3G, or EDGE. In this post I will specify each and every detail about this feature as I have seen many users struggling while using this feature. This feature is really very simple and you are welcome to ask as many questions as you can related to the trouble with iMessages.

Features Explained

You can see a screenshot of an iMessage exchanged with one of my friend who is also having an iPhone. First things First, iMessage can only be exchanged among any Apple product apart from iPod Shuffle iPod Classic and other basic or older Apple Products (basically older iPods). Now, you can see ‘delivered’ written below the message, which indicates that, the message has been delivered on the other iPhone. You may also notice that the other normal texts are highlighted in GREEN color, whereas this iMessage will always go in BLUE color.


When you will send any message then you will not see any status below your message but once it gets delivered it will display ‘Delivered’. If users, as switched ON the service for sending Read receipts for iMessages, then you will also see another status ‘Read’ below this message. The settings section has been shown below in the screenshot. Once you turn that ON, the user on the other hand will know when you read his/her message. So, it’s the matter of privacy whether you want to switch it ON or OFF.


Sometimes, users face issue of not exchanging any iMessage even though if both the users have iMessage activated iPhones. In the Settings section you will have to check the ‘Received At’ part where the message will be delivered, if the user has configured that address as email-address and you are sending the message on his phone number then that message will not be sent as iMessage, but if you send the same message on his configured e-mail ID, then it will go as an iMessage.


In the settings section, there is also a choice to send the message as Text Message if iMessage has not been delivered for a long time. Let us take my example, my brother tends to keep his edge switched off to save the battery and thus most of the times when I send him any iMessage then he is not under any internet coverage through which that can be delivered, so this iMessage automatically sends itself as a normal SMS.

One of the most irritating problem which many users have complaint about is when a user loses his/her iPhone anywhere then after putting that same SIM or number is any other phone he will not be able to receive any SMS from his iPhone users as it will keep on sending iMessages rather than any normal SMS which cannot be delivered on any other phone. We have covered about this problem here.

If you are dealing with non-activation of your iMessage then it is a problem from the cellular subscriber, you will have to contact them for this purpose. If you are still struggling with any problem related to iMessage, then please put that in the comments section.


[Solved] Cannot Sign Into iMessage

Many users have faced this problem of not being able to sign-in to use iMessage, sometimes it pops-up saying that it is network error (though mobile is working perfectly with all the other applications or features available in the iPhone) and sometimes it says that the e-mail cannot be verified as is already being used somewhere else.

We will be providing you the correct method to activate iMessage service and moreover a probable solution to the problems mentioned above. Follow the steps mentioned below to activate ‘iMessage’ on your iPhone:-

Go to Settings and then tap ‘Message’ option, toggle the iMessage switch to ON, iPhone will ask you to pay charges to the carrier for switching ON this service.


Then tap the ‘Receive at’ Section and then enter your mobile number, for iPhone your mobile number is always preferred, as most of the contacts in your phone list will know you by your mobile number rather than apple ID. Even if you want to add your Apple ID then go ahead but in the Call ID section choose your phone number as the caller ID.


Now a problem may appear stating that Apple ID cannot be verified as the e-mail is already in use. Now as per solution searched on internet, they say that it is advisable that a common apple ID should not be used among multiple apple devices. So, make sure that apple ID is not being used anywhere else on other Apple devices and you will get rid of this error message.

You might face any other stating that the phone number is being verified and that verification ends, for this issue you can reset all the network settings and then restart your iPhone most of the times this has solves this problems.


If any of the problem still persists after performing the steps mentioned above then you will have to go to the Date and Time settings and change that to automatic this also might get rid of you these, though this solution might seem awkward to you but actually this worked for many users.


Please let us know if the problem still persists even after following these steps, put your problem in the comments section.


[Solved] Fix Cannot Deactivate iMessage

Well, iMessage is a new feature introduced with iOS5.0. It is quite similar to BBM used by Blackberry Messengers, so in short I can say that all the apple device users can exchange SMSs for free, whether it an iPad, iPod, iPhone, Mac etc. they all can go for facetime video calling and texting with iMessage. But these we came up with many users struggling with a common problem related to the deactivation of iMessage on your iPhone. Now this might pretty simpler to you, but it can be tedious especially when you have lost your iPhone already, or accidentally you dropped your iPhone swimming pool.

We have come across many users complaining that even if they stop using iPhone, or put that same SIM onto another phone, they will not get rid of iMessages. In other words if a user has left using an iPhone and now he has switched on to some other phone, say Android or Nokia phone then instead of receiving a normal SMS he or she still gets an iMessage and even the sender’s iPhone indicate that an iMessage has been sent or delivered.

Today we will be discussing 2 ways to deactivate iMessage option from you iPhone. Both of them have been mentioned below:-

Deactivate iMessage On iPhone

Just go to Setting and then you will see an option named Message, tap it and then you can deactivate that iMessage option (as shown below in the screenshot).


Deactivating iPhone From Apple Support Web Portal

Now this way of turning off iMessage option is really helpful for the users who cannot go back to their iPhone to turn off iMessage, Click this link Now here you will provide you login credentials of Apple ID and then you will enter to a page mentioned below in the screenshot.


You will see that your iPhone is registered to on this support site and you also have your contact number on the left hand side of the page. What I can think of is this registration of your iPhone binds your contact number to that Phone number of yours. Now click on the arrow as highlighted in the screenshot mentioned above.


You will be navigated to another page where you can see ‘Unregister’ button as mentioned above, just click it and then confirm that you want to Unregister, Once you do that and logout. You will not continue to receive those iMessage on your Android cellphone from any iPhone.

Please let us know if you have any other issue related to the deactivation of iMessage.


Speak To Type on iPhone With Voice To Apps

Today, we will be reviewing an application named as ‘ Voice To Apps – Voice To Messages, Email, Facebook and Twitter ’, which will help you to speak to type on iphone with most the application, to send any SMS or update your Facebook status or Twitter Tweet by just giving a verbal command. The best part is that its accuracy is exceptional. It will translate your command into words without making a single mistake. Now when Siri is there in iPhone 4S, application like these might attract many of the iPhone 4 users and now we will tell you that how this application works.


As you can see from the screenshot that you will have to select the language you speak and then this application will proceed for recording your command. As you can see there are three types of English language, so select the language as per your accent as the efficiency of the application mostly depends on the accurate language selection. This application is really very simple to use, now you will have press the red button available in the center of the mike mentioned in the screenshot below.


Once you tap on that red button, wait for a while until it displays the message ‘Start Recording’ displayed above in the snapshot mentioned below. Once you see the same screen on your phone start recording your message, once will recommend that you should not go for long sentences, it will be best of the message is only of 8 to 10 words.


As after you record the message, it will take some time to process that recording to create that into text, if your message gets long then it takes longer time to process that recording which certainly decreases the efficiency, so try to keep your messages short. After processing the recording it will show certain option as mentioned in the snapshot below.


Now you can select any of these, here I chose the option as SMS or iMessage. Now it will compose a new message with no recipients and then you will see the message mentioned in the screenshot below. That’s, it!! The best 2 features about this application is that it really very simple to use and it is really very efficient.


App Requirements:Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation) and iPad.Requires iOS 4.0 or later.

Our Rating: 4/5 | Price: 1.99$ | Visit Apple Store Link To Install This App

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