How To Install Jailbreak Apps Without Cydia

Now when after a long time users have laid their hands on the jailbreak applications, Cydia was not able to handle the load. This scenario was pretty much expected because usually the jailbreak used to arrive for the older devices like the older iPhones and iPads but this time jailbreak for the devices has arrived at once and thus all the users have pounced on Cydia to download the applications and this has led to a very common error seen these days which ‘Internal Server Error’ and it somewhat looks as mentioned below in the screenshot. In this post we will tell you an alternative with the help of which you will be able to install the jailbreak application without using Cydia application.


The precondition to this alternative is that the .deb file of the jailbreak application which you are about to install should be available with you. Even if you do not have that file then you can easily locate them on Google and then after that first of all you will have to download the Cyberduck which will be used to SSH into your iPhone with the help of SFTP connection established between your iPhone and computer. Download the application from here and then install it. Now click on the button named ‘New Connection’ and fill in the details as mentioned below.

In order to know the Wifi address of your iPhone, Go to Settings and then Wifi and the tap the arrow mark in front of the name of the network which is connect to your iPhone. Put username as ‘root’ and the password as ‘alpine’.

Now when the connection is about to establish you will see a dialogue similar to the one shown below, allow it and then the browser window will open.

Now if you are doing this for the first time then you will have to create a folder named ‘Cydia’ (at private/var/root/Media) and then inside it create the folder named ‘AutoInstall’.

That’s the required steps have been completed. Now you will just have to put the .deb file of that jailbreak application inside that AutoInstall folder and then restart the iPhone twice. We will surely write a post on how to locate these .deb files for the jailbreak applications as per the response received from the readers.

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Install Untethered Jailbreak on iOS 6.0 to 6.1 For All iPhones, iPods and iPads [Step by Step Guide]

So, finally the most awaited jailbreak has arrived, the users have been waiting for a very long period of time and now the jailbreak app store will be filled up with their loyal customers once again. The group named evad3rs have been working on this jailbreak tool named evasi0n. They have been deflecting the status of this jailbreak on their website in terms of percentage and now they have released this jailbreak of iOS 6.0, 6.0.1, 6.0.2 and 6.1 for all the iPhones, iPads and iPods (so no constraints for post A4 devices). The link to download this tool has been mentioned at the end of the post.

Is it similar to the tools which have been used initially to jailbreak your iPhone, download this tool and then take a look at the read me file. Now, double the evasi0n named file and then plugin your iPhone to your computer. The tool will identify the iPhone and the iOS installed on it, once it does that press the jailbreak button.

The tool will stop at this screen for considerable amount of time, don’t think that the tool is not responding. Now throughout the process your don’t have to do anything, just sit back it will keep on climbing on to the next step on its own. In between after injecting Jailbreak Stage 2 data it will ask you to find the jailbreak named icon on your screen and then tap it. That’s the only thing you will have to do in the whole jailbreak process.

Once the tool reaches the screen as mentioned above, your iPhone will restart many times and the logon screen will be different displaying the log of evasi0n. Wait for the final boot where it will display the icon of the Cydia application on your iPhone screen.

That’s it!! your iDevice has been jailbreak and now you can configure your Cydia with all the repositories and let me remind you that now you will not be able to see Installous under the jailbreak applications. The best part is that though it says in the README file that you should remove the passcode before proceeding on with this jailbreak but even if you have not removed the passcode then whenever your iPhone gets locked, it will start blinking the message on the tool to unlock it, so that the tool can proceed further.

Click here to download the jailbreak tool [evasi0n]


[Solved] Fix Springboard Restart or Crash Loop on iPhone

I have always used untethered jailbreak on my iPhone and it’s also recommended over a tethered jailbreak. The only difference between these two is that tethered jailbreak will be removed once the phone is restarted, but currently when you have upgraded your firmware version to iOS5.1.0 you will not find untethered jailbreak for your iPhone 4 or 4S. Hence then only option you have is to use tethered jailbreak or don’t jailbreak. After upgrading my iPhone to iOS5.1.0 I used tethered jailbreak for the first and believe me I had a very bad experience and there was only one reason behind it.


If you are out on a drive for a long day and you do not get a chance to charge your phone in between then your phone will get switched off after being low at battery but then problem is you cannot use your phone until and unless you have a laptop which has access to internet and a data cable for your iPhone. Once your jailbreak your iPhone there will be certain tools like SBSettings or many more which you keep on your jailbreak iPhone, now when a tethered jailbreak iPhone is switched off, it loses its jailbreak patch and thus any of the tools which were installed on your jailbreak iPhone will stop working which in case of tools like SBSettings will lead to restarting of springboard again and again.

Because those tools like SBSettings will restart the springboard again and again when they crash on your iPhone and thus you will not be able to do anything on your iPhone after every 5 to 6 seconds the springboard will restart itself, you will not be able to do anything (means anything) on your iPhone. Even, when you will try to switch off your iPhone (to get rid of that restarting loop), you won’t be able to do that also. Most of the other users will say you to press your HOME and POWER button simultaneously to force shut down the phone but actually by doing so you are not shutting down the phone rather you putting that phone into a recovery mode.

So, now the question comes ‘what is the solution?’

There are 2 types of solution, first one will help you switch ON your iPhone is such a way that you will be able to use it (comfortably) until it gets switched off again and second solution is to get rid of this problem totally.

Solution 1

When you have jailbreak your iPhone on tethered mode then you must have used a tool on your system like the one shown below. On that same jailbreak tool you will find an option to give a tethered boot to your iPhone, now this is the only correct way to restart your iPhone when it is jailbroken under tethered mode. Beand your iPhone will return back to normal, but then as mentioned earlier you will need a laptop with internet access and iPhone data cable if you want to switch ON your iPhone normally.

Solution 2

But if you are fed-up with this problem and you want to get rid of this jailbreak right away, then restart your phone and while it is stuck in restart loop, connect it to the iTunes and restore it (That’s what I did) and from then onwards you can wait for untethered jailbreak to come.

Actually if you have noticed then while jailbreaking the device the tool says that every time you want to restart it you will have to give tethered boot to this device. Please let us know if this does not help you to get out of the loop