WeChat App Review – A Smart Way To Chat Using Any Smartphone

Initially when smartphones were limited to Apple users, SMS exchange was the most common trend to be in touch, now when Android has made almost every phone, a smart-phone. Users have started moving closer to the cellular data pack or mobile internet.

Nowadays there is a trend of instant messaging through mobile internet, and it is really helpful especially when you want to configure all the instant messaging accounts of Google Talk, Facebook, MSN Messenger and mobile SMS on your phone. Today we will review an application which is a great application when it comes to instant messaging.

WeChat App Review

Upon launching this application for the first time you will have to your create your account, with your username and password which will be used to login to this application again next time, when you install this application on another phone. After you create an account and log-in, this application will ask you the permission for address book matching.
Through this application will check all the contacts available in your Phone book and if any of you friend are available on this application then it notifies you. You can send them a request which should be accepted by them to start the conversation. If you want to invite any of your friends to this application then go to the tab named ‘Social’, then tap Add Contact, then tap Mobile Contacts, you will arrive to the screen mentioned below.


You can tap the contact and it will automatically generate an SMS which will invite your friend. Apart from this it has its own social networking portal mentioned below in the screenshot, you can get in touch with new people through these portals.



Once your friend has accepted the request, tap the tab named ‘Contacts’ and then tap his or her name. Your chat will be initiated and you will be able to see that chat on the tab names ‘Chat’.



Under ‘Settings’ you will be able to change the info about your profile or create your QR code or change the UI settings or check the friends who have been blocked by you.

Similar Applications

  • Whatsapp – This application is among top best sellers, but the application mentioned above has lot more features as compared to this application. This application does not have any feature to meet new random people and its UI is also very simple. Moreover this application is paid for iOS (but gets free occasionally) and Blackberry and comes on a trial version of 1 year for Symbian mobile phones.
  • Kik Messenger – This messenger is also available for all the mobile platforms including Symbian, Windows Phone, Blackberry, Android and iOS. Its UI is better that Whatsapp but it is not famous as of now. All the features of Whatsapp are available in it. You can visit Google Play link to download it.
  • eBuddy Messenger Pro – We have already done a detailed review about this application here. This application creates a hub for your Facebook, Gmail, AON, Windows Live account IMs.
  • IMO Messenger – This application is free and does everything that is mentioned above for the application.


WeChat can opted by the users if they are more interested in knowing new people and interacting with them as for now it not much popular and this application lags slightly on iPhone also and if you tried to operate it at your full speed then it may crash also, but still its social interaction part is worth experiencing once.

Our Rating: 4/5 | Price: Free | Visit Apple Store Link  and Google Play Link To Install This App,

Apps Guides

Reply To WhatsApp Message From Notification Center Messages

One of the famous applications which is generally used by most of the users on a jailbreak iPhone is Bite SMS, but now when users have almost stopped using SMS and most of the texting part has been replaced by an application named ‘Whatsapp’ on Symbian, Windows Phones OS, Blackberry, Android and iOS. Due to this reason Bite SMS has almost stopped playing its role on iPhones these days. One of the major advantages of using BiteSMS is that you can reply to any SMS which gets popped up on the screen without going to that application (which takes some time).


But now BiteSMS has released their support for Whatsapp messenger also, once you install this application on your jailbroken iPhone on the settings screen you will see a feature for ‘Whatsapp’ which can be downloaded and installed. Whenever, a new message of ‘Whatsapp’ will pop-up on your screen you will see a little different and you will see them as mentioned below. It will be exactly similar to the way SMS were received on your phone and notification will be scene on the top of the screen where battery percentage and alarm icon are displayed.


From that pop-up window, you can either go the main application or close that message alert window or mark it as read it later or you can reply to that message in that pop-up window only, apart from all its pros there might be certain cons which you may face, for example you might end up losing chat history from your ‘whatsapp’ application and there will be no pattern of losing the data of chat history, other con may be its interaction with the notifications which gets popped up when a new message arrives on whatsapp, for example if you reply a message after 5 or 6 new messages then all the new messages will not disappear from the screen (some of them will stay on the screen).

If you want to install the application then you will have to go to the settings page of BiteSMS, but at the time of uninstallation you will have to search for this package directly on the ‘Cydia’ packages and then uninstall it from there. This application has been tested on iOS 5.1.1 on iPhone 4, please let us know if you face any problem while using it.


[Solved] Fix Cannot Open and Send Messages on iPhone Using Messages App

For all the users who have been facing problems while using Message on iPhone will find this post pretty helpful, we came across many users reporting that their SMS or Message app started crashing after sometime. Now for this problem there can be many reasons, one of them is that receiving any corrupt message which might have bugged that application or if you have ‘jailbroken’ you iPhone then that particular application might have put that bug on your Message. When you will try to open that application then it will open and then close again within a fraction of second navigating you back to the Main Menu page.

Some user also reported that they were not able to see ‘SEND’ button on their Message section. Another common problem reported by the users that they were not able to send SMS to a particular number in their contact list. So we will solving all the problems for you further in this post, the solutions might work and might not, but is sure that these solutions have worked for many of the users before.

SMS Application Gets Crashed

The video of this problem has been mentioned below in the video.

Message getting crashed

Before proceeding further with this problem let me tell you that after performing this solution YOU WILL LOSE ALL THE MESSAGES ON YOUR iPhone. For this, you will have to navigate through the folders of iPhone with the applications like iPhone explorer or iPhone browser or any other app. Foloow the steps mentioned below:

  • Reach out to this folder destination: var\mobile\library\sms.
  • You will see a file named sms.db, delete that file.
  • Then restart your iPhone

I am pretty sure that your Message application will not crash anymore or you can go for another solution which is upgrading the OS (if newer version is available with its jailbreak).

Send Button Not Enabled

This is not a bug actually I have seen this problem reported by user on many of the forums and the solution to all of them is the same. Generally in the other phones apart from iPhone there are 2 sections of a Message. First section is for the names of the receivers and the other section is to write an SMS. Whereas when it comes to your iPhone, then you will have three sections (if multimedia message has been enabled).



Two sections are common as mentioned before, the third section is for the subject line of the message which falls in between the 2 sections mentioned above. Most of the time newbies type their text in the subject line rather than the text box mentioned below that. Send button will never get enabled until and unless ‘To’ field and ‘Text box’ field are empty. It will definitely get enabled when you will type your text in the bottom-most section of the text message.

SMS not being sent to a particular contact

Whenever you save a contact number on your phone, it will be saved in three parts. First will the country code, second part will be area code and then third will be your number. If you are not able to send a message to a particular contact then you can delete the area code and then it might start working. Through this kinds problem is seldom but then this solution has helped in many cases. Please let us know if you have any other problem related to messages, please leave a comment at the end of this section.