BBM Finally arrives on iOS7 Platform [Download Link]

For all the BBM lovers who had to switch from Blackberry to Android in order to enjoy huge and good variety of application would love to know that Blackberry has not officially released their BBM application for the iPhone application and I am still not sure about the Android version of this application.

iPhone Screenshot 1

This application was revealed previously few weeks back but then it was dropped off from app store the other day. I still have that same version on my iPhone and now the app store shows me to update this BBM application. The only changes it displays is the iOS optimizations and bug-fixes though I cannot see any UI change while comparing both the versions.

iPhone Screenshot 2

The application is pretty simple to use for the Blackberry users. As soon as you install the application you will have to create an account and thus a PIN will be assigned to that account which can be shared by other BBM application users to chat with you. So, the privacy is highly secured and unlike other messengers everybody who have you mobile number will not be able to contact you.

Rest you also have message stamp such as Delivered and Read (which were the main reasons of making Whatsapp really famous). You will also be able to have group chats over the application and the download link for this application has been mentioned below at the end of the post. Please let us know if you face any issue or come across any bug while using this application.

Download BBM | App Store

Download BBM | App Store (India)


Sygic India GPS and Navigation Application gets FREE for Android

Sygic India is an application specially dedicated to the road maps of India and let me tell you that it is really expensive usually (1599 INR). Most of the times I have users discussing on the forum to download the apk file for free of this application from other sources but the actual point it is that why is this navigation application is used by most of the users on smartphones even when they have Google Maps to do the same.


Sygic GPS and Navigation application try to take countries separately into their account and then create an application specifically for them. So, the amount of data related to roads, shops, small congested areas and other ways of transportation which are not mentioned in Google Maps will be available here (in short the information is highly detailed) but the UI is not that good and it is a bit laggy.


Because of that detailed information available in this application, the price is so high. The updated related to the construction of the road or blockage of any major road will be quickly updated in this application which is again not possible in the case of Google Maps.

Once you install this application you will have to choose few particular states which will be available on your phone. This application does not require any internet connection to operate because one you choose the state, all the maps related to that area will be downloaded and you will just have to turn ON the GPS location services on your phone and that will be all for this application to work.

Similarly at another point of time you can download the maps of some other states, this application is not free for iOS users and it is really expensive on App Store too (1599 INR). Please let us know about any problem which you face while using this application.


Easy Way to Capture News on Your Android Smartphones

All right News Junkies, a killer app for you all. NewsHunt it is called. Take no time in downloading this little free app (1.7 MB) from the Google Play store (or at any phone with GPRS) and keep yourself immersed in the world of News.


Why NewsHunt

You are less likely to be satisfied with a standalone newspaper publication app because the news are limited. An app which can serve you news from all over the newspaper publications without any language-support barrier must be the one you might be looking for. Newshunt is that. It supports 11 languages at present and serves you news from more than 85 publications.

Newshunt for Android

What comes as a matter of surprise is that it renders those different language fonts glitch free. So no matter if you want to read the news in kannada or hindi, Newshunt will serve the purpose effectively.

Newshunt Support For hindi

Newshunt has been developed to serve news a lot faster. It responds so well that the stories seemed to be fetched almost instantly. You tap a news on your phone and the full story is there.

The various categories to chose from makes it favourite of all genre of news junkies. Categories options include Business, sports, regional, travel etc. Newshunt also has the feature to add a new category of your choice which has some obsolete choices such as Tech Events, Sex Relationship, Celeb interviews etc.

Customisation Options

Newshunt gives you basic font and background customisation options. You can chose four different font sizes and four minimalistic backgrounds. White, sepia, black and sky.

Sharing a News Story

If you like some piece of news to be shared among your friends you can tap the share button and get options to share to your Facebook, Email or even SMS. Choosing other apps will take you to the variety of sharing compatible apps installed in your phone.

Soft Corner for Cricket Fans

Another irresistible feature that Newshunt carries is the one touch access to cricket live scores. In that you should find the live scores of the matches in action. (IPL included). Also there is a Points table, which at present tells the current standings of IPL teams. Schedule has the listing of national as well as international upcoming matches.

Cricket in Newshunt

Newshunt currently serves news of three countries. India, Africa and Bangladesh and apart from this can also be used as Job finder too. You can search jobs from sites like and

NewsHunt Jobs

The only thing which will make you think twice before getting addicted to this app is ad. Ads are served at almost every screen of the app and that can be a reason for a distraction. But hey, without ads cricket would not be this interesting. Isn’t it?

There are a couple of similar and effective news rendering apps (Like PressReader) but the lightness makes newshunt a worth trying. Also its ability to render news in almost every Indian language gives a thumbs up to this from users in India.

(To download Newshunt at your smartphone, simply go to and rest is done by the app itself. Also from its site you can send yourself an download link to your mobile as in SMS).


Download Uploaded Photos on Facebook To iPhone Automatically

The major feature which has been rolled out recently in the Facebook Mobile application is the ability to the sync the photographs from your iPhone to your Facebook account. We generally need these options to keep our photos secure, your hard-disk might crash or you may lose your phone but as of now the most secure way to save all your images is the private cloud space.

This new feature named ‘Photo Sync’ will automatically upload all the photographs from your cellphone on your Facebook account, don’t worry nobody else will be able to see the photographs as they will be uploaded to a folder which will be private by default but the space allotted per account to store the photos will be 2GB which is much less as compared to DropBox (3.2 GB and then increases further more on referral program, goes up to 16GB) and Google Drive (5GB).

But then if your Facebook account gets hacked, then all those uploaded images will not be private any more. So keep the risk factors in your mind and then use this feature. Please follow the steps mentioned below to activate the feature and then access the images in that private folder.

Step 1

Open the application and then go to the ‘Photos’ section.

Step 2

Tap the third option in the right hand-side bottom corner named as ‘synced’. All the photos saved here are private and you can share any of the photos saved here on your Facebook account.

Step 3

If this features has not been activated in your account then you will see the screen somewhat mentioned right here. Just tap the option ‘Sync Photos’ to enable the feature.

Want to stop this feature

Just select the appropriate option as per your need and you will be navigated to this screen after pressing gear available on the right side top corner.


I have mentioned the pros and cons of using this feature. The method used by this application to sync the photographs is faster as compared to Google Drive and DropBox as this saves the compressed form of the photo. Anyways the photos are definitely saved as private and initially only few photos will be saved, so to save all the photos you will have to tap ‘Sync All Photos’. In short it is a faster way to save your photos.

Apps Lists

Top Rated iPhone Apps To Read News Global or Local

Recently I read an article on a newspaper that 40 percent readers have stopped subscribing newspapers at their home and most of these users are youth who use tech gizmos to cover every piece of information related to news, while they are on move.

There are lots of applications which can help you to get acquainted with the latest news around the world, but most of the apps cover only one news source. For example, NYTimes, this application will cover the news available on NYTimes only and moreover this app is free but after reading few articles you will have to pay a charge to read any further articles.

Today we will mention only those applications which will help you to cover the news from all of your favorite resources.

Apps to Use for News Reading

1. Pulse News

I still remember that this was my first application which I installed for news reading. While you start up with this application, you will have to add resource points, from where the fresh news will be collected. This application covers almost all the news points available on internet. You will not randomly search them by just typing their name in the search field, but you will go to a category and then scroll down the list to search them, if you do not find that source point then you will search them.
The only drawback with the app is its not-so-good User Interface.

iPhone Screenshot 3

Our Rating: 4/5 | Price: Free | Visit Apple Store Link 

2. Google Current

This application is also very similar to the above mentioned app. You will add the news source in the exactly similar way, the only difference is the way the news is displayed. In Google Current, news will be displayed in pages format, whereas in Pulse you will see that the news will be available on a page long enough to contain that news fully in it.
I am not quite familiar with current version but its previous used to crash again and again.

iPhone Screenshot 2

Our Rating: 4/5 | Price: Free | Visit Apple Store Link 

3. Flipboard

As far as UI is concerned this application rules, but this application is quite different from the application mentioned above. It describes itself as the social news magazine, so it will get synced to your social account like Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Facebook and many more and then it will display all the new updated related to your social account. It is like watching the news feeds of all the social accounts at a single point. Well as far as Facebook is concerned, Pulse can do the same.

iPhone Screenshot 2

Our Rating: 3.5/5 | Price: Free | Visit Apple Store Link 

4. Reeder

This application rules the chart as far as news collection is concerned (it is obviously a paid app), especially for the users who are Google Reader, Readability or Fever. You will add any of the used account in that application and then it will provide you all the resources added. Its UI is also pretty good, you will only have to click the news headlines and you will be taken to a short description. Now if you will tap it again then it will show you the website description of the page or if you will tap the readability icon ‘sofa’ icon then it will show you only the important content of the article. You can also transfer the article to pocket, Instapaper and many other reading accounts

iPhone Screenshot 2

Our Rating: 4.5/5 | Price: $2.99 | Visit Apple Store Link 

5. Fluent news Reader

I have not seen much of this application on internet but it claims to cover the news from all the top news sources and also allows you to share them. Rest of all the features are covered by the application mentioned above.

iPhone Screenshot 1

Our Rating: 3/5 | Price: Free | Visit Apple Store Link 


All the applications mentioned above will help you to get the latest news and sharing of a news article to any of your social account is possible is all the applications mentioned above. There are other applications for news, but we have avoided the apps which are confined to only one news source.

Apps Lists

4 Best Top Rated iPhone Apps For Updates From London Olympics 2012

Now when Olympics 2012 has already started then, users must be searching the App Store to get in touch with the latest events at London. In this daily hustle, you cannot afford to find the schedule of your favorite match on your newspaper.

So, we have enlisted some applications which will provide you all the details of the London Olympics 2012, which includes getting reminded for your match, Medal Tally, following a sport or a sports person,

Apps to be used for London Olympics 2012

1. London 2012 – Official Results App

If you want to have a daily track on which country is leading the medal tally or if you want to check that when your favorite match will telecasted, then this application is pretty helpful, as it will provide a full display of calendar wherein all the events with their time and date will specified. You can also check the countries list in the medal tally and from there you can also check the sports in which they have won this medal.
You can also browse your favorite sports person and check his next match. Apart from these you can also share the results of the match or any information about any event on Facebook, Twitter or Mail directly from this application.

iPhone Screenshot 1

Our Rating: 4.5/5 | Price: Free | Visit Apple Store Link 

2. London 2012 – Official join in App

Now this application will help you to buy tickets online and after buying them it will also help you to plan your journey to the venue, you will be able to see the complete view on Map and then it will also provide you with the information related to local transit services which can be used to reach the destination. At the time of booking you can buy the tickets as per sitting preference shown in the diagrammatic view of the stadium.

iPhone Screenshot 2

Our Rating: 4/5 | Price: Free | Visit Apple Store Link 

3. Olympic Medal Alerts

Now when the Olympics have already began, you will not find all the medal matches from the day 1. So after registering to this application you will receive whenever a medal match will happen. This application by using your location service will give you a link through which you will be able to watch the Olympic online. It will also notify you, through SMS whenever your scheduled match will come up for play.

iPhone Screenshot 1

Our Rating: 3/5 | Price: Free | Visit Apple Store Link 

4. Reuters Olympics London 2012

This application has been specially designed to capture the best images for the Olympic events by the award winnings photographers, apart from this this application also has some of the features mentioned for the applications above (A track on medal tally, Olympic records, Schedule of the matches and more)

iPhone Screenshot 3

Our Rating: 4/5 | Price: Free | Visit Apple Store Link 


Of all the application mentioned above, you can download and install the first application if you are solely interested in tracking the events and sharing with your buddies online and that is the reason I have rated him the highest. Apart from it, the last application can be used to download the high definition images of Olympics which again can be used to print posters and hang them in your room. Please let us know about your reviews related to this applications, in the comments section.