TimeZoner: Convert the Time Easily in Different zones

Today I have a very interesting application for all the Android users who are consistently on the trips to various countries around the globe. I find this application really useful because I usually try to keep the track of the gadgets launch events (online webcast) happening around the globe and usually the time of such event are specified in PST or EST or UTC. So, especially going to Google and then typing a search query in order to convert the time can be a bit long process especially when you are already travelling and you can mobile in your hands.


This application named as Time Zoner really helps me in this case especially because by just moving the stroll bar available at the bottom of the screen, I set the time in any of the time zone and then this application shows me that time in the desired time zone. For this you will have to select the clocks of the time zones and in which you usually receive the time and also the clocks of the time zones in which you want to see the results.


Its usage becomes even more important when you do not have the track of sunlight savings in the time zone of few countries. This application is somewhat similar to the default clock application available on iPhone but the only difference is that here you can set the time to see the desired output. There are several other options in the application which can help you to change the view of the application.


If you want to be highly specific in terms of entering the value of the time, then you will have the option for the same. Please let us about your views in relation to this application and any scope of improvement for this application. You feedback is highly appreciated.

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‘Cal’ By Any.Do: A Better Calendar For Your iPhone

It has been just 72 hours since i started using this app and i am finding my iPhone even more useful. The newest calendar app (which is freely available for iOS) Cal, by Any.Do is the easiest to use calendar application and sporting a ultra clean user interface. The app does the job of organising your day perfectly by using your contacts and location end even syncs with your primary calendar apps like Google Calendar, iCloud and Exchange.


I assume you must be already using the app on your iPhone, if not, i suggest you to do so. Reminders on iPhone is uber cool but if you want to use Cal for maximum productivity, you should already be using (or at least having) the application. The reason is, Cal is tightly integrated with the app. When you tap the plus button in the cal it gives you two options, either Calendar Event or a To do thing. Tapping to-do thing will take you to the app.

For getting started Cal requires access to your calendar events and your contacts. Without granting permission to both these you cannot proceed further. I think this is the only matter of concern.



Once the permission is granted, the app will take some time syncing your events from your previous calendars to its own. You will be then greeted with a ultra clean UI with a beautiful picture in the back drop of the main interface which can be tweaked to your interests. (i.e Fashion, Photography, Designs etc.)


Tap the plus button to add an event. Now here comes the integration of simplicity with ‘uber-ness’. As you type the event, the app will try to guess it prior. For example, if you type Lunch with Someone, as it has access to your contacts, it will list the ‘someone’ with all its details or will provide you the list of ‘someones’ to choose the right someone. Then, it will even suggest you the venue for your lunch nearby. I was quite surprised when it suggested my favourite restaurant for lunch nearby. The suggestions are not limited to restaurants but also extend to bars and coffee. The social integration lets you send messages on birthdays and anniversaries right from the app itself. You are also able to send messages to the participants of an event right from the app.


Your events for the day will appear below a monthly calendar but when you swipe up, the month view will turn into weekly view. Also, your agenda includes the time gaps between your appointments. This helped me planning my day more easily and effectively.


Another high point of using the app is its syncing to other calendars (i.e. Google Calendars, iCloud and Exchange) so you don’t have to re-add events.

Overall the app is promising, and its going to stay in my phone for longer. I believe in due coarse of time it will improve further and will add features like determining addressees automatically from the contacts itself. But for now there is not any reason not to use it. is a company which has plans for making four productivity applications in which, and Cal- calendar app are the two. Another two apps, Mail and Note taking apps are anticipated.

Cal (Free) | iTunes App Store