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Take Brighter Photos From Front Facing Camera Without Flash

Whenever we plan to buy a new mobile phone, one of the things that we consider seriously, apart from the looks, is the camera. We always expect the primary camera to deliver best results and which is why manufacturers are working really hard on bringing ever better camera phones. But what about the front facing camera or the secondary camera?

Evidently the front facing cameras have improved in terms of megapixels but when it comes to low light pictures we are aware that the absence of a front flash hampers low light picture quality. If you are one of such users who like to take self-shots, if not the best, we have a better solution for you. Front Flash is an Android app that uses the brightness of the screen to take low light pictures from the front facing camera.

A similar feature was seen in Camera+ app but since it is paid, it would be better to consider Front Flash which is completely free.

How To Take Low Light Pictures Using Front Flash

Step1: Head to Google Play store and download Front Flash.

Step 2: Launch the application. Now go to a dark room and using the brightness slider from the top, make the screen bright enough to see your face.


Step 3: Not hit the on screen camera button to capture the shot. Once done, you can choose from a set of filters to apply, save the picture to the photo gallery, and even share the picture to Facebook or Twitter from the very screen.



Interestingly the app does its job quite well, and manages to take satisfactorily bright pictures. Also it is extremely easy to use this application to take pictures. In the near future, if the developers update the application with a low light video calling feature, it will be an even more inviting proposition.

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