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[Tip] Capture Photos During Video Recording on iPhone 4 or 4s Camera

iPhone 5 has been recently announced and it comes with a new feature which allows you to capture photos with 8MP camera on iPhone 5 during video recording is on. However these photos taken while video recording is not same photos you can take from iPhone while shooting images but rather these images are 16:9 ratio with a size of 1,920×1,080 pixels.


As per declared information the new feature which allows you to take photos is only available on iPhone 5, and this feature comes in the default camera app and you can not get this feature on iPhone 4 or 4s or older iPhone even when you upgrade your iPhone to latest iOS version.

Take Picture While Video Recording on iPhone 4 or 4S or Older iPhone

Yes, there are simple ways you can add this feature to iPhone 4 or 4s camera by installing some third party apps which allows you capture photos during video recording on iPhone 4 os 4s camera.

First app we will talk about it is Video Snap [$0.99], which can make your iPhone take photos while recording videos. It is an easy to use to capture or taking photo while you are recording a video. One more feature this app adds is that you can control the photo and video quality adjustable at Max, Medium, Low.

Capture Photos During Video Recording on iPhone 4 or 4s Camera

Another app which does similar thing but also provides more features like VideoPix mode which allows taking still photos while video recording.


You can easily capture photo during video recording using this app called QuickPix [$1.99]and it works on iPhone 4, 4s iPod Touch and iPad 2 and iPhone 3GS with performance limitations.These photos which you took while recording are sent to camera roll once you end the recording.

photos during video iphone

This app has lot more to offer in terms of features like fastest full resolution bursting available, Take pictures while taking video, Fast startup, Minimal time between pictures, Easy as the default camera, Saves directly to the camera roll and Advanced features that stay out of the way.


This way you can get this new feature of taking photos during video recording on iPhone 4s, 4 and older iPhones. If you have a related tip to share or something else about any other thing or in case the above procedure does not work for you then please let us know through our comments section at the end of the page, also let us know if this tip is helpful for you.

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