[Review] Temple Run 2 – How Fast You Can Run For Your Life

Temple Run 2 is again a very much addicting game, initially it was all about how fast you can swipe your fingers on the screen and the road always used to be straight but this time it is tougher as now you will see the road through different camera views and they will keep on changing continuously which makes it really confusing for the user to decide when to turn and where to turn.


Similarly, now they have added many features in the game which has made it more interesting and before going further I would like to intimate that this game might be boring for the users who have not played the previous version as it is slow and you will have to run a lot in order to upgrade all the powers and abilities. We will talk about all those features in this post.

As it used to be, you will have the power as available in the previous version and you will have to upgrade those powers by collecting gold coins.

In the previous version 100 gold coins were required to fill up the stack available on the left hand side of the screen (which also gives out the bonus), but now it will lot more than 100 coins to fill that stack and once it gets filled up you will have the special ability to use the power known as ‘shield’ and it will get destroyed after a certain time limit or the runner crosses a barrier unsuccessfully.

Apart from the upgrading the powers you will also have the ability to increase the speed at which the bonus coin stack (available on the left hand side) fills.

They have removed the wings ability for the runner and instead they have introduced green colored diamonds which will be responsible for resuming your game from the instance when you when you fall down in the game. You can either buy those coins or you can collect them in the game. The cost of reviving the runner increases as the number of times you die in that single run, if you are falling down from the road for the first time the cost to reviving the player will be 1 green colored diamond, if you repeat that again then the cost of the reviving the player will be 2 green colored diamonds and similarly it will go on increasing.

You will not specially have to buy the option of 1000m sprint run, rather whenever your coin collection crosses 2500 (which is the cost of using that power once) then that power will available at the beginning of the game and once you tap it, 2500 coins will be taken away and you will be able to use that power for once.

Another best part is that now if you are not able to complete the specific objectives to increase the multipliers then you can use 5000 coins to increase the multiplier by one but you can use this alternative for 5 times after the objectives will be the only solution.

Like the previous version you will have few characters to unlock and you can use coins to decrease the cost of the power-ups like sprint runs in the starting of the game for 1000m.

You will not only run in this game rather you will do rope climbing and the roller-coaster ride (which is seriously very much tough to handle because speed gets doubled as soon as it starts). Moreover in the roller-coaster ride you will keep to keep on tilting your phone to make the turns as the finger gestures of right and left will not work (same goes true for the case of rope climbing).

The graphics are better as compared to the previous version and this means you can see the monster killing your player. The color of the road get mixed up with the back ground of the player and thus making it difficult for the user to save it from the obstacles coming ahead.



This game is good but it takes good amount of time to get launched and hangs for a while when played for the first time or second time after getting launched. I have faced this problem while using it on iPhone 4 and presume that users of 4S and 5 will not be facing it. Over all I am playing this game on a regular basis and this version has filled up the loopholes of the previous version and the best part is that it is still free on Apple App Store. Click here to download this application.

By Abhinav Singh

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