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Stop An Android App From Downloading In Between From Play Store

A mobile operating system’s success is directly related to the number and quality of apps available. The best and only examples that we have today is Android and iOS. Earlier the Apple’s app store had more applications, but in the recent times the Google Play store has overtook it.

Being an Android fan, I love the way the Google Play store works as it is quite simple to browse through applications and the categories in which they are listed. In spite of that, a couple of niggles are still there, of which the most common is how to stop an application from downloading on android?

On iOS, if you are downloading an application and you decide not to install it midway, all one needs to do is long press the app (which is still downloading) and remove it. However, things are not as simple as they appear in the Android OS. Here, icons do not appear on the screen as soon as you download an app, and they are put on the home screen once the download is finished.

In this post we will be explaining you on how to stop an application from downloading, midway. Now continuing from where I left in the last paragraph, since the application being downloading does not show up on the screen immediately, in order to remove it or stop it from proceeding further you can do two things.

Option 1: The download progress of an application is always displayed in the drop down notification area. So to stop an application, pull down the notification area and tap on the download progress. You will immediately be taken to the app’s download page. On the same page, just below the title and on the right edge of screen you will see a ‘X’ button. Tap on the ‘X’ button and the download will be stopped immediately.


Option 2: Open Google play store, tap on the settings button present on the top right corner, and select My Apps. On the My Apps page you will see all the currently active applications along with the download progress of the very first one. Corresponding to ‘Downloading..’ you will see the Stop button (the one in the white box). To stop the active downloads, just tap on the Stop button.



The major difference between Option 1 and Option 2 is that in the first one only the desired app’s downloading will be stopped, while in second option all the applications queued for downloading will be stopped. If you want only one or two of the apps to not download, go to their respective pages and terminate them. But if you want all the applications to be stopped from downloading, do it from the My Apps page.

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