Text By Voice Lets You Send SMS By Voice On Android Phone

In our day to day life we spend an appreciable amount of time driving on the roads and at times we are supposed to send some important text messages that too while driving which is unsafe for you and for other cars and pedestrians as well. In such situations sensible people would definitely pull over their car, send the message to the person and would resume driving.

But what if you could text to a person on your contact list just by using your voice and without even touching your phone? If you own an android device then we own a solution for you. Sonalight Text By Voice is a brilliant app designed to let you send, reply and even read out text messages by using your voice.

The best part about this app is the way it works. The app automatically reads out incoming text messages as it is turned on by default. To text a person you need to get the feature started by saying the phrase Text By Voice.

Sonalight Text By Voice Android

As soon as you do this the app’s interface will open up and a female voice will assist you further. It will ask you who do you want to text and you need to answer her by saying the contact name.

Sonalight Text By Voice Android 3

Next it will confirm the contact in her voice where you need to answer in yes or no. With Yes the app will jump to the next page and with No it will ask you to speak out the contact once again.

Sonalight Text By Voice Android 5

Once you have confirmed a contact it will ask you to record a voice message.

Sonalight Text By Voice Android 6

Again it will ask you to confirm the message by saying yes or no.

Sonalight Text By Voice Android 7

Hearing yes at this step, the message will be sent.

Sonalight Text By Voice Android 8

In case of an incoming message it will let you reply and ignore to the message. It can also repeat the message in its voice for you.

Sonalight Text By Voice Android 9

The app contains many other functions as well which could be accessed by pressing the menu key and then by opening settings. Here you can turn on the auto detection feature where the app becomes functional when your car moves faster than 10 mph. Also you can set the reading permission so that it will ask you every time a message arrives, whether to read it out or not.

Sonalight Text By Voice Android 1

Scroll down the page and you can also use you Google Voice account with it, set auto-responding feature etc.

Sonalight Text By Voice Android 2

App Requirements: Compatible with all android devices. Requires android 2.2 or later.

Conclusion: Brilliant concept but i hate the fact that the message is to be repeated from the starting in case it hears it wrong. Very annoying sometimes but worth a download.

Our Rating: 4/5 | Price: Free | Visit Android Market Link To Install This App

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